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When you think of casino gambling, you probably envision table games of poker and blackjack where skill and technique are as important as luck and good fortune in achieving good results.

You might think about slot machines which are all about matching symbols on the reels. But when you’re ready for a simple gaming event of fun, excitement and simple gameplay, take a look at the casino lotteries.

Lotteries have been a staple of the gaming world for thousands of years. Historians say that the Great Wall of China was paid for by state-sponsored lotteries. In 6th century B.C.E. Greece, Athenians would select government officials through a system of lottery. Lottery games were popular in the Middle Ages in Florence, Rome and Venice and starting in the era of Elizabeth I, the British used lotteries to pay for public works throughout the country.

In some ways, today’s lotteries are similar to those played in bygone years. They continue to attract gamers who want to play a simple game with their Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes where whether they win or lose is determined quickly.

Lotteries generally feature a wide betting range so you can play your favorite lottery game for high stakes or at a budget level, according to your personal preference.


Lottery games are popular because:

  1. They are simple. Unlike traditional games like poker or blackjack, lottery games are straightforward. You don’t need any special skills to play and you don’t have to worry about strategizing. You simply make your move and hope for the best.
  2. When you play a lottery game you enjoy instant gratification. You don’t need to wait for a draw, a bonus round or for any other gamers to make their move. The immediate results that lottery games deliver makes them an attractive gaming event.
  3. There’s a lot of variety when playing casino games. These games, simple though they may be, feature different types of themes and come in various forms. Whatever your preference, you can find a lottery game that suits your needs. You can play a classic lotto-style game, a themed scratch cards game, virtual bingo or any of a number of other lotteries -- there's something for everyone.


Today, lotteries have moved online so you can play your favorite lottery games at any time and from any location at the online casino. The casino makes it easy to play lotteries online. Once you’ve chosen your game, you simply make your deposit, complete the gameplay and determine whether you’ve won or not and, if so, the prize.

If you’re playing at the Grande Vegas online casino you can add Grande Vegas promotional bonuses to your game and play with free credits for real money wins. Grande Vegas lottery players are entitled to apply any of the Grande Vegas bonus give-aways to their lottery game including the Welcome Bonus and $25 Welcome Special for new players, both the Monday and Mid-Week Raffles, the Cashback deal, the comp points and the $300 Quickie Boost.


Popular Grande Vegas online lotteries include:


In some parts of the world, keno is still known as the “white dove” game because in ancient China, participants from multiple villages would await the message carried by a white dove to learn whether they had won or lost.

To play keno online, make your deposit to receive a keno card. On the card, mark the numbers on which you want to bet. There are 80 numbers on the card which correspond to 80 balls that will be spun in a Random Number Generated keno machine. The card will specify how many numbers you can choose. Some cards will allow you to choose up to 10 numbers while others let you choose up to 20 numbers.

Click the button to start the keno machine. When the machine stops, match your chosen numbers to the numbers that came up in the machine. You’ll receive a payout for any number that you chose that matches one of the numbers that came up in the machine.

Fish Catch

Fish Catch is a shoot ‘em game where you shoot fish. You receive a point for every fish that you shoot and your final payout is based on the number of fish that you shot. Payouts are determined by the shot value that you chose – the price for ammunition fired at the fish is valued at between $0.01 and $2.50. The higher the ammo that you paid for, the higher your payouts for the fish that you shoot. For extra fun, there’s a Wheel of Fortune that you can spin to multiply wins.

Treasure Tree

Treasure Tree is pull tab game where you pull the tab to determine your win.

Once the game starts you’ll see 20 money bags hanging on the Money Tree. Some are red, some are yellow and some are blue. Behind every bag there’s a prize so your goal is to match three of the same prize within the same color.

Create that match and you win the prize! You can win up to 3 prizes but only if they are of different colors. Your prize is determined by the amount of money that you bet on your picks.

Treasure Tree also has a free game bonus round where payouts are tripled.

Many of the casino’s lotteries are its most popular games. The wins aren’t jackpot mega-payouts but the games offer players the chance to relax in a low-key atmosphere of gambling fun and excitement.

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