Specialty games at our Grande Vegas online casino

Many casino enthusiasts are finding that it’s a good idea to take a break from traditional games like blackjack, roulette, and slot machines to enjoy unique and engaging gaming events that offer a refreshing break from the classics.

Specialty games are becoming increasingly popular among gamblers at both land-based and online casino. These novelty games aren’t easily categorized into typical casino game genre. They generally involve simple rules, quick gameplay, and a significant element of luck which makes them appealing to a wide range of players including both beginners and veteran gamers.

If you’re interested in trying some of the specialty games at the Grande Vegas Casino, open up the games lobby at the Grande Vegas online casino and give it a whirl! You can play these games on your PC or mobile device for free or for real money prizes.

Why Specialty Games?

Why are more and more players playing specialty games?

  • Simplicitynovelty games are often easier to understand and play compared to traditional casino games. This appeals to casual players who may find the complexities of games like poker or blackjack to complicated to deal with and to veteran gamers who like to take a break from their customary gambling events
  • Short Sessions – Specialty games typically have shorter rounds which enables players to enjoy quick gambling sessions without committing to extended gameplay.
  • Variety – The presence of novelty games diversifies the gaming experience at a casino by catering to players with different preferences and interests.
  • Social Gaming Some specialty games promote social interaction among players, specifically those that gamers play in online tournaments.
  • Betting – Low bets are the norm for many specialty games which makes them affordable options for gamers on a budget.

Some of Grande Vegas’s most popular specialty games include:


Keno is a lottery style game that evolved in the East. It became a national game sponsored by the Chinese Empire of the medieval era which used proceeds from the game to pay for its military excursions. Today you can play keno in many state-sponsored lotteries by buying your keno tickets in kiosks or you can play online for either high or low stakes.

When you start playing keno you’ll make your bet and will be given a form where you choose numbers from 1-80. You can select numbers – most casinos allow you to choose between 10-12 numbers. After the numbers have been selected you submit your form and click “play.”

A large cage, powered by a Random Number Generator, will spin the keno balls. You will receive payouts for any of your chosen numbers that match the numbers that come up on the tossed balls. Since you chose 10-12 numbers, there are 10-12 opportunities to score wins.


Craps is played by rolling dice. Wins are determined by a combination of the results of the roll of the dice and the bet that you placed.

The game starts when you roll the “comeout roll.” If that roll equals 7 or 11, you score an automatic win if you bet on the pass line. If the comeout roll is a two, three or twelve you lose if you bet on the pass line. Any other number that comes out on the “comeout” roll becomes the “point” which you must match in a subsequent roll.

Once the point is established, you need to roll that number before you roll a 7 – otherwise the round finishes and another shooter gets to throw the dice. Craps bets include bets on the first roll (Pass Line Bet), bets on the first 2 or 3 roll (Don’t Pass Bet), bets on a game within a game (Come Bet) plus Field Bets, Place Bets, Proposition bets and Don’t Come Bets.

Craps isn’t a simple lottery game. You need to understand the betting table to play properly. But the anticipation that combines with the opportunities for winning rolls makes Craps one of the casino’s most popular specialty games.

Banana Jones

Banana Jones is a fun game that requires no skill, just a willingness to participate in a silly adventure. The game is set in a booby-trapped jungle where you move from one space to the next while avoiding the traps, vines and snakes.

Banana Jones progresses across a board based on the roll of the dice and you place your bets at each junction based on your guess as to whether the next move will result in the collection of some more gems.

You can wager as little as 0.20 or as much as 5.00 for ever 5 rolls of the dice. Based on the numbers that you roll, Banana Jones will progress across the board tiles. Banana’s goal is to reach the Temple but along the way you’ll collect gems which are stashed in the corner of the screen. After every five rolls of the dice you count your gems and then decide whether you’re ready to roll again as you move closer and closer to the Temple.

Fish Catch

Fish Catch is the simplest specialty game of all but it’s also probably the most fun. You spear different types of fish and your payouts are based on the types of fish that you catch. Bets are from 0.01 to 2.50 coins, making this a perfect game for budget gamers as well as for fun-seeking high rollers.

The reels spin with Clownfish, Thorn fish, Skeleton fish, Bigeye fish, Bomb fish, Snorkel fish, Small fish, Colorful fish, Catfish, Golden fish, Guppies, Stripe fish, Jungle Fish, Swordfish, Golden Sharks, Tiger fish, Antenna fish, Devilfish, Tiger Sharks, Purple Sharks, and….for the big payout catch, the Mermaid!

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