Some of the experts’ top tips for placing bets on sporting events

Some people wager on sports for fun or as a hobby. Others look forward to wins and prizes. Whatever your reason for placing Vegas casino bets on sporting events, you want to maximize your efforts. Experts offer some ideas on how you can optimize your bets to create the best possible outcome.

Some ideas:

Choose Wisely

Choose where to submit your bet wisely. Do you want to bet online or at a land-based casino.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  If you’re already visiting a brick-and-mortar casino then, by all means, head to the sports betting window and enjoy the atmosphere that allows you to spend time with your peers as you place your wager and wait to see how the event plays out.

However, if you’re at home, there’s no reason that you can’t bet online. There are several advantages to online betting including convenience and – sometimes – a lower house edge. Do your research before you make your decision about where and when to place your bet.


Sports betting shouldn’t be a simple toss of the dice. It should involve a knowledgeable assessment of where and how the bet will do you the most good. Therefore, you should know as much as possible about the sport you choose to bet on.

Who are the best players on the team? Will they be involved in this event? Is it a home game or is the team on the road? How has the team being playing lately, both offensively and defensively? How many consecutive wins has the team been able to sustain in the past? Do the experts think that the players were competing at their best or that they need some extra training sessions?

How much experience do the participating players have? If one team is full of seasoned players and the other is lopsided with novices, that should give you an indication of where your bet will be best suited. Ask yourself these questions and research the answers to achieve the best results on your sports bets in the shortest amount of time.


Everyone has their favorite athletes and teams but that doesn’t mean that you should bet on them.  In fact, even the athletes themselves don’t expect you to place your wagers based on how you feel about them. They fully expect you to bet to win.

It’s easy to get caught up in adding your bet to a favorite as a way of rooting for a player or a team but that’s not good betting strategy. Betting on sports isn’t all about taking risks – it’s about assessing the situation and focusing on achieving wins. If your most-liked team or your favorite player isn’t the most skilled in the competition, you’re not doing anyone any favorite by betting on them.

Remember, you’re not letting anyone down. You are aiming to be a winner as much as the player/players are. You need to take decisions in your own advantage, just as the athlete is doing.

Fewer Selections

It’s best to have fewer selections, which may seem like common sense but it’s something that bettors often forget. Basically, the fewer choices that you have on a ticket, the higher your chances are to win when you choose from a more limited list.

Think small, not big. The maximum number of selections for a single bet shouldn’t be more than four. After researching the player or team on which you plan to bet, invest on one selection out of, a maximum of four.


Save your intuition for the gypsy-and-the-crystal-ball at the fair. It’s human nature to root for your favorite or chosen team to win but sometimes, people want a specific player or team to win so much that they actually convince themselves that that’s what’s going to happen.

Before you place your bet, analyze all the possible outcomes and the chances for it to succeed. Then, bet on logic, not “intuition.”

If you’re bound and determined to bet on a favorite for no other reason than it’s a favorite, place a low bet on that option. That way, if your favorite doesn’t come through, you won’t have lost too much money on a wild card.

You can also place a different type of bet on a favorite – instead of putting the bet on the team that you predict will win, focus on the players themselves and wager on which player you think will score. 

Sporting Events

Big sporting events, major teams and popular players attract the biggest number of bets but you have more chance to win if you focus on less popular sporting events. That gives you an opportunity to assess the players’ performance and chances of winning more accurately than a sporting event around which there’s a lot of hype.

There’s no magic formula that will help you win when you place a sports bet but by combining good old enthusiasm with determination and knowledge, you have the best chance to boost your winnings.

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