Online gambling trends for the Vegas casino online industry and more

Thanks to advancements in technology, the Internet and the social distancing mandates of 2020, the online casino is seeing significant growth. The growth trend is worldwide with more players playing more real money Vegas casino online games around the world.

Europe, Asia and Africa have seen the biggest spurts in online gaming activity but the trend is true for both North and South America as well. As always, slots dominates the preferences of online casino players but table games and lottery games are also experiencing more action.

The casinos are plowing their profits into future advancements in their quest to provide their players with the highest level of interactive gaming entertainment possible.  Almost all of the games are now available to mobile players and a number of new platforms and technological innovations, as well as new ebanking options, provide real money gamers with a whole new world of online gaming fun.

Some of the upcoming trends to watch for include:

Cybercurrency Option

Cybercurrencies have been available as an online casino payment method since 2012 when Bitcoin was first introduced. Today, more players want the anonymity and convenience of conducting money transfers through cryptocurrency transactions and almost all online casinos now provide that option.

The choice to make deposits and withdraw winnings via traditional epayment methods will certainly continue to be available to online casino gamers but almost every online casino now includes at least 3 or 4 cryptocurrency options, including the popular Bitcoin, as a transfer method.

Not all players are comfortable with cryptocurrency transactions but for those that are, the chance to withdraw payouts without alerting tax authorities or others who have access to information about their brick-and-mortar bank accounts makes cryptocurrency transactions an appealing option.


More than half of the world’s online gamers play at least some of their casino games on mobile. Now, instead of searching for mobile-enabled games, players can pretty well assume that all of the games offered in the online casino games lobby are mobile-friendly.

Many entertainment-themed websites and apps blossomed during the pandemic era but none more so than the mobile casino apps which made it possible for gamers to play on their smartphones at any time and from any location.  As mobile connectivity becomes more reliable, the ability to access the casino’s mobile site and play almost every featured game has become a lifeline to many who are finding it quick and expedient to play in a more convenient atmosphere.

Live Dealer

Many casinos have opened Live Dealer platforms and those that haven’t done so yet are examining the evidence that points to the fact that live streaming interactive gaming is a preference for many gamers.

The Live Dealer platforms are just that – they feature live dealers with whom you can interact while on your gaming device.  Through live streaming software you can watch the game being played while you direct the dealer to place your bet, throw the dice, deal the cards and place your payout in your casino account.

In the same way that you chat with the dealers at a Las Vegas table you’ll be able to chat with “your” dealer while she fulfills your directions and facilitates the game.

Poker Rooms

Poker rooms are becoming the next “big thing” in the world of online gambling. With the online casino’s poker room you can enjoy the same kind of friendly pick-up game of neighborhood poker that you were used to from your neighborhood game.

The term “poker room” refers to an area in the casino where everyone is doing nothing else but playing poker. There are no video poker games in the room or other table games which creates an atmosphere in which everyone has the same focus on serious poker competition.

In an online poker room, the casino will, once again, take advantage of live streaming technology to create the environment of a dedicated poker space. Everyone will have the chance to play their own games, watch other games and generally enjoy the interactive engagement with other poker aficionados.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become a standard part of many video games and many online casinos are already talking about how they can bring it to their own sites. Talk of VR online casinos is creating a great deal of excitement in the online gaming world because it will facilitate the creation of a genuine casino environment that gamers can experience with only the addition of a VR headset.

A VR online casino will be the biggest step to bring online casino gambling into the 21st century.  Gamers will simply place the headset over their head and will immediately be taken into a world of Vegas casino entertainment where all the elements of a Las Vegas casino will be available with the swipe of a finger or a click of the mouse.

Better Slots

Slots have always been the highlight of casino gaming for many – there’s no table minimum, no need to wait for a place at the table, no worry about whether you’re “good enough”……you just pull the lever and play the reels. The increase in quality of video games is bringing about a revolution in the slots sector and now, slots players can look forward to playing better quality slots with more depth in the themes, the elements, the features and the betting opportunities.

It’s all about choice and online gamers can look forward to the continual upgrading of the slot machines so that there are slots for every interest and playing level.


For those who find even a mobile device to be too cumbersome, the online casino is about to move to smartwatch-capability. Gaming software developers are now in the process of developing new games that will be smartwatch-compatible to enable people to play almost any type of game on a smartwatch device.

The growth of the online casino industry is facilitated by the continuing evolution of casino amenities and features.

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