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The popularity of online casino gambling is skyrocketing as people discover that they can enjoy their gaming entertainment while playing online. Online gambling isn’t replacing trips to land-based casinos but it’s supplementing it, giving gamblers a chance to play more games at any time from any location.

Most online gamers are casual players who gamble as a form of entertainment or as a hobby. However, just as professional gamblers have always been a feature at on-site casinos, professional gamers are now becoming a staple at online gaming sites.

Gambling is, either in-person or online, an imprecise art. You can never be sure that you’ll win your hand or spin. Yet a number of people are finding that, if they follow some basic guidelines, they can earn a good living by playing at an online casino.

What do you need to do to make a go of it at professional online gaming?

Professional Gamblers

There’s a huge difference between amateur, compulsive and professional gamblers. Amateur gamblers/social gamblers, enter the casino for entertainment and recreation. They budget a specific amount of money for their gambling fun and then, once it’s spent, go home in the same way that you’d go home after a concert or a sporting event. They enjoy the thrill of playing and, of course, like to win, but don’t see gambling as anything other than relaxing fun.

Compulsive gamblers are addicted to gaming action. They gamble because it gives them a rush, in exactly the same way that an alcohol or drug addict gets a rush from their substance. They have no discipline and are happy to take risks which provide them with a  bigger feeling of euphoria than ever.

Professional gamblers manage their risks. They only place a bet when they see that the probabilities are on their side.  They play the games that have elements of skill involved, such as blackjack and poker, because it affords them more control over the outcome. They acknowledge that luck is involved in the gaming activities but they take steps to minimize the element of luck and maximize the elements of skill – at which they excel.

At one time professional gamblers would get dressed for a night at the casino in the same way that other people would get dressed for a day at work. They had business expenses – their clothes, travel expenses, expenses for the casino, etc. Today, professional gamblers can go online and play at an online casino from the comfort of their own home. Since payouts are generally larger at an online casino (due to fewer operator operating costs), the pro gamer wins all around – s/he has the same probabilities of winning and access to all the same games along with fewer costs for his/her own operation and larger payouts for the wins. It’s a win-win situation.

Going pro as an online casino gambler isn’t something that you wake up and start doing one day. If you’re serious about making professional gambling a career, prepare by learning online casino gambling tips for professional gamers which other pros have passed on.

The best of these tips include:

Picking the Casino

There’s no such thing as the perfect casino. Every casino has its own specialty along with its individual rules and specific methods of operation.  Do your research before you sign up for the casino. You’ll want a casino that offers the games that you want to play (blackjack and poker are considered the main games for gambling pros) along with variations of those games so that you can zero in on the variation that gives you the best odds.

Also, check out the payout protocols to make sure that you’ll be getting your payouts as quickly as possible. The casino should give you multiple banking options so that you can make deposits and withdraw winnings in a way that suits your individual ebanking needs.

Terms and Conditions

There are some shady online casinos that offer terms and conditions that will, ultimately, prevent you from accessing your full winnings. These terms and conditions range from hidden fees to unclear obligations that you must fulfill in order to collect your payouts. Read over the terms and conditions carefully because they can heavily impact on the percentage of your wins that you take home.


Every game has its own odds and own probabilities. Even in games of slots, there are varying odds for varying machines. In order to make an intelligent choice about which game you want to play as a professional gambler, you need to learn the math of each game.

Knowing the math will not only tell you which games to play as well as which variations of those games but, if you take the time to really do your research, you’ll learn how to bet and how to play each individual game – when you should take another hit, when you should stand, when a calculated risk brings you the most chances of success and when to cut your losses and fold and move on.


This is where the amateurs separate from the pros and the land-based casinos separate from the online casinos.

All casinos distribute promotional bonuses but the value of these bonuses vary from one casino to the next. Land-based casinos give everyone a Player Card when they enter the casino and all bonuses are tallied up on that Player Card. The bonuses at a land-based casino involve casino-related give-aways – free meals and the casino eateries, discounts on casino hotels, etc. Bonuses at the online casino, however, all translate into cash.

Regardless of the name of the bonus, you can count on the promotion giving you the chance to play more real money games for more time for free – and allowing you to collect the resulting payouts. In addition, at the online casino, you can add one bonus to another which ensures that you end up with significantly higher winning payouts.

Pros know how to maneuver these bonus give-aways to their advantage. They also make sure that they know the terms and conditions of the casino bonuses so they know what bonuses they have, when they can use them and how to gain the biggest advantage from these varied bonus gifts.

These tips can set you on your way to a solid career as an online gambling pro.


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