Beginning player strategies - how to up your chances for a win playing Vegas slots for real money

With tens of thousands of new Vegas slots real money gamers every year, casinos have been adjusting their games menu to ensure that there’s something for everyone. The casino features dozens of games options which include everything from simple lotteries and slot machines to games where skill combines with luck like blackjack and poker. It can seem overwhelming to enter the casino for the first time but the casino aims to make it easy for new visitors to find the games that suit their personal expectations and preferences and play for free or for real money prizes.

If you’re a new player, what should you focus on? Picking the right game? Finding bonuses that suit your gaming level? Budgeting your bankroll properly? Casino advisors suggest that, if you have a solid strategy, you’ll be able to significantly enhance your gaming experience.

What are some of the essential casino strategies that beginning gamers should know?


It’s crucial to establish a budget and stick to it before you ever enter the casino. Gambling is a form of entertainment and your budget should reflect that. Your budget should be part of the funds that you set aside for leisure activities and you should never exceed the limit that you’ve set, regardless of whether you’re on “a winning streak,” trying to recoup previous losses or any other reason. If, overall, you’re going to have a successful gaming experience, you must learn how to control your finances in all situations and the best way to do that is to set a budget and stick to it.

Choose Your Game

Casinos offer a wide range of games including games where the house edge is high, games in which players can lower those odds in their favor, games where the results are completely random and games that combine luck and skill to ensure that you have more favorable results.

Basically, you need to decide what you want from your gaming event. If the gameplay is what you are looking for, you have more of a choice because you, as opposed to winning payouts, you want to enjoy a gaming experience where the action takes precedence. If, however, you want to collect wins, you should look for games that have higher Return to Player (RTP) percentages.

The RTP is the percentage of the bet that is, on averaged, returned to players in winning payouts. So, for instance, if a game has a RTP of 97.5%, that means that for every $100 that’s bet on that game, 97.5% is returned in wins. Some lottery games have RTPs that go as low as 95% while some of the games where the results are not totally random (blackjack, poker) have RTPs of up to 99%! So choose a game that suits your own needs and preferences.

Whichever game you choose, casino advisors suggest that you take the time to understand the rules and strategies of the games you're interested in before you place any bets to increase your chances of winning.

Basic Strategies

Certain Vegas casino games, like blackjack and poker, have “basic strategies” which are strategies that can significantly improve your chances of winning. For instance, basic blackjack strategy involves making decisions based on the value of the cards that you already hold (do you take a hit on a 17 or stand?) and on the dealer’s upcard which gives you some kind of understanding of what your opponent has. In basic poker strategy, the strategy guides you regarding when you should swap your cards and which ones to swap.

There are other strategies for other games as well. For instance, casino advisors have definite suggestions about whether to make inside or outside bets in roulette, what type of bonus to choose in a slot machine (when there’s a choice), etc.

If you take the time to learn and then apply these basic strategies you can make more informed decisions and enhance your gameplay.


Too frequently, gamers, especially new players, assume that all casinos offer, basically, the same bonuses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Casino bonuses include free spins, match credits, free points and other give-aways that allow gamers to play more games for more time without adding extra deposits. The wins that take place on those free games are real money games and the player is able to put those winning payouts in his win box with his other payouts and withdraw them at his convenience.

However….each casino has its own bonus package so, regardless of the game that you plan to play, it’s important to review the casino’s promotions and compare it with other casino’s promotions to make sure that you are getting the best promotions package possible. The better the bonuses, the more real money cash you’ll take home from your gaming adventure.

Responsible Gambling

Practicing responsible gaming is as much a part of the casino experience as is the gameplay. Responsible gambling is a key principle for beginners and experienced players alike. You need to know how to avoid chasing losses, when to take a break and when to walk away. Gambling should be an enjoyable pastime, and setting limits on both time and money helps ensure that it remains a positive and entertaining experience.

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