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Most online Vegas casino gamers never consider the possibility that they can play as a VIP. VIP gamers are players who throw their money around the casino with seemingly nary a care. They’ve made it to the upper echelons of the gaming world and never look back.

The online casino has made it easier than ever to experience gaming entertainment as a Very Important Person. The bar needed to enter the online VIP Club is lower than that required at a land-based casino and the benefits are oftentimes higher.

Just because you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on your casino gambling event, there’s no reason to assume that the VIP Club is off-limits. For a slight investment you can become a VIP player and experience what it means to be a casino star.

What Do You Need?

If you’ve made the decision to become a VIP player and access the casino’s VIP amenities, you’ll need a few things:


Regardless of whether you’re planning to play games of skill and luck like poker or blackjack or whether you just want to focus on luck-based games like slots, you’ll need a healthy bankroll that will allow you to place high wagers.

One issue that connects both budget gamers and VIP players is the reminder that, regardless of your gambling budget, you should never bet more than you can afford to set aside for entertainment.

Even if you’re on a “winning streak” or anticipating new winning possibilities, your bets should go no further than you have pre-allocated for the casino event.

If you are prepared to stay within your financial plan, and if casino entertainment is your pastime of choice, go ahead and place the bets that you can afford according to your ability.

Remember, there are going to be ups and downs in your casino activities. The casino, after all, offers games and there’s no telling which way a game may go. So you need to be prepared to withstand losses as well as accept winning payouts.

Some gamers play at low stakes for a significant amount of time until they build up their bankroll to the point that they can play for high stakes. Other competitors come with their big bankroll in tow.

Casino advisors suggest that, even if you have a healthy bankroll to start work, you should play for low stakes for awhile in order to develop your game and develop the mindset of a savvy player.


Regardless of your bankroll, your gaming skills and your luck, you can’t play as a VIP player without confidence. You need to have confidence in your ability to play the game at the highest level of play, make decisions quickly and follow through as needed.

If you’re someone who constantly questions your decisions, the VIP Club probably isn’t for you. You must feel confident that you have the skill to move forward decisively, turn things around when needed and win back any losses.

If you’re playing in a tournament, you might come up against other players who will try to shake your confidence so you need to keep your spirits high regardless of what’s happening on the gameboard. Recognize your skills and move forward based on your confidence in those skills.

Next Level

Successful high stakes players are always ready for the next level. They are always thinking about the possibilities of each move and how they will proceed.

For instance, if you’re playing a VIP game of poker, you need to analyze the move that you’re expected to make and consider how things will pay out one, two or even three moves from there. That way, you move forward in a way that takes future gameplay into account as well.


If you’re playing simple, budget casino games, you don’t need to develop discipline but if you’re playing at a high stakes level, you need to display a level of discipline that will keep you from losing your patience.

That’s when you’re most likely to make a foolish move so it is vital that you train yourself to sit for long periods of time and fold bad hands while you wait for good hands. You need to know when to back down and when to spring forward.

If your bankroll is dwindling, it’s time to back off a bit so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you need to start from scratch.


Any casino gamer who thinks that she knows everything is on the road to ruin. You must be ready to learn and to keep improving.

That may mean watching videos of other successful players so that you can study their techniques or even trying out different variations of the same game in order to find the variation that best suits your gaming preferences.

Regardless, be prepared to admit that there are things that you don’t know and that you have some learning to do.

Grande Vegas VIP Club

At Grande Vegas, the VIP Club is open to all gamers who qualify after accumulating 5000 VIP points during any 90 day period. At Grande Vegas, gamers are eligible to collect a New VIP Player free bonus of $100 in casino cash, higher deposit bonuses, higher wagering limits, extra Comp Points on games played and much more.

Check out Grande Vegas’s VIP Club today!

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