Which casino games has the best odds?

Research indicates that gamblers are well aware that gambling isn’t a good way to "earn" extra cash but that they continue to gamble simply because they enjoy the pastime. It’s generally understood that there is a statistical probability that you won’t win most of your casino games because of the house edge but for most people, that’s not why they play.

They play because the games and the betting are fun and exciting. Regardless of whether or not you win, you feel compelled to give it another try because you want to experience the hope that you’ll win and the expectation of something good waiting for you at the end of the day.

Still, some gamers try to intellectualize their casino events by studying which wagers are the best casino bets.  They review the casinos to try to determine which casino games have the best odds, where they’ll find the best bonuses, and which strategies they can use to increase their chances of winning their games.

Is that possible? Casino advisors say that you can increase your chances of achieving bigger and better cash prizes at the casino if you study the games and the casinos and make your decisions accordingly.


The casino games with the best odds for the player include:

  • Blackjack – in blackjack, the return-to-player rate is about 99% - very high odds. That’s because there’s an element of skill attached to the game. It isn’t all luck. If you understand basic blackjack strategy, you’ll know when to draw another card and when to stop which gives you a bit of an advantage. In addition, the dealer, against whom you are playing, is in the same position and is relying on luck as much as the players are.
  • Craps – Odds of winning in craps depends on the type of bet you make. Again, if you understand the game and can make an informed decision on your bet – whether or not the shooter will win or lose on the roll – you have a leg up. There are also considerations such as whether or not to make a “pass line” wager or whether to make more specific bets in which case your payouts rise but your odds of winning drop.
  • Roulette – Roulette also offers odds of winning of about 50%, again depending on the bet you make. In this case, your success is dependent on your bet. You can place an outside bet in which there are more winning possibilities but the amount paid out is less or you can make an inside bet where the amount paid out is more but the chances that you’ll achieve a win decrease. The better that you understand the betting table and the odds of the various bets winning, the more successful you’ll be.
  • Poker – poker is a game where the odds vary quite a bit because in poker, the more skillful you are at the game, the better your odds are of winning. If you really know and understand the basic poker strategy for the poker variation that you’re playing, you can increase your odds of winning significantly.

Worst Odds

A few words should be said about casino games with the worse odds of winning. These are generally the games that offer the most interactive fun, which is why people want to play them. But if you play these games, know that the house edge here is the highest in the casino.

The games with the worst odds include:

  • Slots – in slots, the return-to-player ranges around 94-96%, meaning that for every $100 you bet, you'll end up with $94 to $96 in your pocket. Now, that's just statistics, meaning some people end up with zero in their pocket and some people win big going home with thousands more than they started with.  The odds vary slightly from one machine to the next so if you want to play to win, check the odds for the slot machines and choose one with the best odds
  • Wheel of Fortune/Big Six Wheel – the Wheel of Fortune game isn’t featured at all casinos but where it is, the odds of winning are between 26% and 39%.


The second big variable in deciding where you’ll achieve the highest payouts involves the choice of the casino at which you play. Most online casinos feature the same types of games – table games like baccarat, craps, blackjack and poker, specialty games such as bingo, scratch card and keno and three-reel and five reel slot machines.

The big difference comes in the various bonuses that the casino delivers. Some casinos give you a few basic bonuses but at others, you receive many different valuable bonus offers so you can play more games for more time for free and still take home the real money prizes that result from wins achieved via free casino cash gifts, match credits, free spins and other give-aways.

If you play at a casino like Grande Vegas you’ll receive numerous bonuses from your first deposit onward. There’s a Welcome Bonus that welcomes new gamers into the casino  with up to $300 in match credits valued at 150% of your deposit PLUS $25 in casino cash. Everyone receives comp points on the games that they play which can then be turned into casino cash to be used for further gaming adventures.

Grande Vegas Raffles include both Monday Raffles and Midweek Raffles that deliver $500 in casino cash. Bitcoin users are presented in bonus cash of up to $2500 for deposits made with bitcoin. Everyone has the chance to join the VIP Club and get cashbacks on some of their deposits.

General Tips

Some general tips to keep in mind when playing at the online casino:

  • With some games, it may be worthwhile to aim towards winning multiple smaller payouts as opposed to winning one big jackpot prize.
  • You should always gamble with a pre-determined gaming budget so that you don’t end up spending money that you need for other things. Set your budget and don’t go beyond that, regardless of whether you think that you’re on a “winning streak”.
  • Keep your gaming sessions limited in time and, if you achieve a big win, don’t put it all back in the pot – save some to take home!
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