Video game genres

Once, it was easy to categorize video game genres but today that’s not the case There are dozens of genres and sub-genres that make the gaming world both exciting and confusing. Game developers are mixing and blending different types of video games in new and exciting ways including blends of first person shooters, AI and VR games, online casino games, esports competitive games, Grande Vegas Casino promo codes games, role playing games, puzzles, mazes, online slots and more.

The video-gaming landscape is evolving faster than almost any other industry. Studios are constantly looking for new trends in order to meet user demand for a large variety of types of video games.

To keep up with the various game genres of the 3rd decade of the 21st century, check out the most relevant types of video games on today’s market.

Real Time Strategy (RTSs)

Dune II was the first game to be recognized by the term “Real Time Strategy” but it wasn’t the first game of that genre. RTS games are characterized by different factions that compete against each other simultaneously  in “real time” so the strategy is termed “real-time” as opposed to “”turn-based.”

RTS games often feature a top-down view and resource and map management. Some well-known RTS games include Warcraft, Age of Empires and Command & Conquer.


Shooters are…..shooters. Today there are both first-person shooter and third-person shooter games and they encompass most battle royale games.

First person shooters simulate a typical human viewpoint where the  perspective is pulled back to showcase the surrounding environment and entire character. Some examples of the FPS are Gears of War and  the Tom Clancy The Division series.

Both FPS and TPS are typically elements of other games where sandbox games overlap with shooter games. Halo games, on the other hand, are focused on FPT gameplay. Other examples of shooter games include Gears of War (TPS) and DOOM (FPS).

Sandbox Games

Sandbox games are games that are associated with player choice, non-linear gameplay and open environments. It often refers to open-ended modes that are available within certain games and is now a featured component, or partial component, of many games.

Sandbox games are often characterized by fewer concrete goals and narrative pathways than other games. They tend to be conceptual and don’t include recognizable gameplay elements but feature tasks that can be accomplished in a variety of different ways in order to draw the player into immersive experiences where experimentation with new mechanics is encouraged.

Some examples of popular sandbox games include The Sims, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs)

MOBA games aren’t a genre by themselves but have connections to other real time strategy games. The perspective is top-down so that the map and resource management elements are emphasized. The main focus of these games is the competition between players.

The major difference between RTS and MOBA games involve the player’s role and character. MOBA games include RTS basics and faction alignments but the gamer controls one single character, as opposed to other RTS games where the gamer commands multiple units as s/he builds communities.

MOBA games are also known for prioritizing team and multiplayer play. Gamers generally aim to meet a set of victory conditions by playing with and competing against other human players. The popularity of MOBA games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends testify to the substantial interest that these games engender.

Role Playing Games (RPGs)

In a role-playing game you create or take control of a character and then level that character up by accruing experience points. There are many sub-genres of Role Playing Games including

  • Action RPGs (ARPG) The Witcher 3 is a good example of a ARPG where a strong emphasis on combat combines with a standard RPT

  • Tactical role playing games (TRPG) mix creative thinking and short-term decision making in a tactical RPG game. The XCOM series are good examples of this genre.

  • Computer RPG (CRPG)  like the first two Fallout games that features Western-developed RPGs created for PC gamers

  • Massive Multiplayer RPG such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online and EVE Online combine RPG gameplay with the multiplayer format.

  • Roguelike features turn-based gameplay, tile graphics, procedural generation and some kind of permadeath with a focus on action and platforming. Binding of Isaac and Spelunky are good examples of Roguelike games

  • Roguelite games don’t involve all the key elements of a typical roguelike game but do include some of those features. Rogue Legacy is a widely accepted example.

Sports and Simulation

Sports-themed video games now offer immersive experiences that enable players to engage in gameplay via the game developers’ partnerships with major sporting organizations.

Electronic sports games have been on the market for decades but now the advances in graphic technology immerses the gamer directly into the event.

Two of the best-known sports games are NBA 2K and Madden NFL where the player enters detailed recreations of professional basketball and football events. Forza is a simulation-style car racing game.

Players encounter world-building games, virtual reality games and sandbox titles with epic scenarios for the wider-world games and smaller experiences for games that center on specific areas. The Sims and Minecraft are good examples of simulation games that also fit into the sandbox niche.

Party Games and Puzzlers

Party games and puzzlers emphasize game mechanics through traditional tabletop-type games or themed games. Many of these games have multiplayer elements and can be found on social media. The puzzle games can be simple or more immersive including hybrid gameplay and fully developed environments. In the Tomb Raider game, for instance, puzzles are built into a conventional setting and adventure narrative which makes them a key game mechanic.

Popular puzzle games include Portal 2 and the Talos Principle while a well-known party game is Super Mario Party.

There are many other types of games including action/adventure games, survival games, platformer games and more. Find your game preference and enjoy the challenge.


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