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The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Being part of the gaming world goes way beyond playing Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes games – the industry that surrounds esports, online casino gaming, sports betting, social gaming and other sectors includes a wide variety of products and services.

These involve services and products for broadcasting, developing, designing, publishing, app-building, playing, events-organization, marketing, advertising and much more.  Around the world more and more people are moving forward with innovative ideas that will bring them into the industry while it’s in its biggest growth stage.


To take a game to the next level, OVIVO Games provides a platform that guides developers through the process that will get the game published. OVIVO Games focuses on casual games and its services holds the developer’s hand as he takes the game from code to gamer through completion of the product’s UX or user interface and on through user acquisition, monetization and data analysis.


StreamElements aims to ensure that the visuals of content being shared will grab and retain the viewer’s attention. StreamElements helps content creators ensure that alerts don’t keep popping up, that the setting is attractive and other visual elements are in place.

The goal of any live stream is to generate viewer engagement and retention. Using StreamElements the content creator  can meet those goals by personalizing overlays and themes and overlays, customizing alerts, integrating chat into OBS, merchandising, tracking audience engagement, managing giveaways and guarding against spam.

Users can store customized set ups on cloud and use them on any of the popular streaming platforms including Twitch, Trovo, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.


Gigantic develops mobile arcade games, connects them to physical devices and then plunks them online so that people around the world can play them.  The games are the old-fashioned arcade games where you would try to control a claw that would drop down into a collection of stuffed animals, toys or candy and pull you up one of them – the one that you pulled up would be the one that you took home.

With its flagship Clawee, Gigantic invites players to connect via an app and play claws machines, shooter games, golf, basketball and football machines through a live stream session using transmitters and sensors that give the player complete remote control in real time. The prizes are then actually delivered to the player


MadSkil is for gamers, creators and streamers who want to make live-stream viewing a more interactive experience. Through Twitch support of games like Counter-:Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant and Fortnite draws viewers deeper into the gameplay by keeping the chat open throughout the stream and inviting viewers to predict what will  happen as the game progresses.

Viewers are invited to take their predictions to represent their favorite content creators by competing against other players, getting ranked on leaderboards and moving up levels. Viewers remain more engaged throughout the game while creators can assess the engagement levels of their viewers. Everyone wins as the channel’s retention and engagement, retention and discovery increase.


Much of the gaming experience involves audio as you listen for predators, communicate with friends, etc. If you’re playing near others you might be bothering them if you don’t have on earphones but not everyone wears earphones happily.  Noveto has created a personal speaker that can be heard only by the player using AI-based voice recognition, build-in face tracking and a built-in 3D smart camera. This “Smart Beaming” locates the user’s ears and sends pockets of sound directly to that person while providing a built-in microphone for speech. believes that it has the solution to make gaming as realistic as possible while maximizing unused screen real estate. Anzu is meeting the challenge of how to put real ads into the games without those ads distracting viewers. Anzu adds the ads to race tracks, places them on billboards and puts them behind soccer goals and other circumspect spots on the gaming screen in the same way as those ads might appear in real-life race tracks, billboards and soccer goals.

Using Anzu’s tools and techniques advertisers gain more traction and exposure which then creates a winning scenario for the developer. Through’s ads that create a more realistic gameplay, advertisers have access to a dashboard that allows them to manage analytics and marketing campaigns.


Overwolf has become a one-stop guild for in-game creators, providing and all-in-one platform that creators can use to build, distribute and monetize in-game mods and apps. There are other such tools and support services but you have to be a professional coder to user them. That’s where Overwolf comes in.

All the tools are easily accessible and user-friendly with the goal of helping the creator community to unite and feel empowered to expand and grow.

Moon Active

Moon Active is a leader in the social casino sector. Their Coin Master game in which players play to win coins and build up their villages has made it one of the top-grossing mobile games in the world. By taking a game that could be a casino/gambling game and removing the gambling aspect, Moon Active opened up a new avenue for the gaming industry in which players acquire only virtual coins that they spend on more game time or more content. More coins can be purchased however and this is how Moon Active’s Coin Master and other social media games make their profit.


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