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The world of start-ups has revolutionized the video and online casino gaming industry by bringing more innovation and more creativity to the sector. Welcome bonus casino gaming start-ups are taking advantage of advances in technology and new horizons for artificial intelligence to move the gaming industry forward.

Some of the best new gaming start-ups to watch in 2021 include:


Shadow aims to revolutionize gaming with a high-performance, fully dematerialized PC in the Cloud. The automated hardware is designed to rethink the gaming experience through providing fast and powerful gaming with cloud-based processing power. The small console costs less than a classic PC but it’s connectivity to cloud processing means that gamers enjoy a machine that provides as much of a high-performance experience as the most costly device.

The connection to Shadown is by subscription  and users can look forward to new versions of Shadow components (i.e. an upcoming graphics card)  that ensure the evolution of the product. Shadow supports Windows-based applications so users can access all PC application software while experiencing high-quality streaming experience. vvvAll Windows software will run remotely without noticeable latency using any mouse, headset, keyboard or game controller.


Bunch is a social gaming start-up that enables video chat for gamers who are playing mobile games. Bunch is similar to Discord. It’s a video chat app that allows gamers involved in multiplayer games to keep up the conversation while they play. Bunch doesn’t necessarily appeal to hard-core gamers – it’s a way for social gamers to engage socially while they play.

Industry analysts see Bunch as part of the next generation of gaming infrastructure.

Bunch differs from a service like YouTube or Twitch because, while those services serve mostly desktop and console gamers, Bunch serves mobile gamers. Bunch itself has created first-party games and they can be played within the Bunch app. Bunch can also be used for video chat while playing other games online such as, but not limited tok, Roblox games, Minecraft and PUBG


Veeam features cutting edge software that eliminates downtime and modernizes data protection via cloud or any virtual or physical environment. Features include archive-to-cloud, continuous data protections, almost no RPOs and expanded instant recovery.

The Veeam Availability Suite is a value-added bundle that includes monitoring, analytics and reporting features include plus backup & replication for protection of Google, Nutanix VMs, NAS file shares and Cloud Platform backups.


MoonActive is a mobile gaming company that produces authentic and unique visual experiences that bring stories to life. The company focuses on graphic design, art and animation to devise fantasy worlds for immersive gaming entertainment using data science, machine learning and analysis. The company’s goal is to participate in the creation of cutting-edge mobile games. Two of MoonActive’s newest and most immersing games are CoinMaster and PetMaster.

Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive is for gamers who want something that takes some strategizing and thought. Their historically-themed grand strategy and strategy video games give players the opportunity to combine gaming skill with other forms of cognitive processing.

The games, including Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalisa are set in different areas and include other types of genres including role-playing games and management simulators.

Even after a game’s initial release  It’s possible to move forward with the game via downloadable content and additional game adventures.

In addition to the video games, Paradox produces board games that are based on their video game titles.including the White Wolf series.


Overwolf is an all-in-one platform where developers and other types of game creators united to  create, share and monetize in-game mods and apps with the goal of creating new experiences. It’s an online guild where designers can share ideas, partner and build games and apps. Through collaboration users can turn their ideas into marketable products, get leads to distribution and marketing opportunities and monetize the creations via ads and subscriptions.

Basic HTML and JavaScript are available for those who want to build in-game apps and there are publishing and managing mods for many of the biggest games on the market.


Piepacker is a free cloud gaming platform  which facilitates multiplayer gaming online. Piepacker combines popular retro-style games with both voice and  video chat that makes it easy for  people to play together.

There’s no download required because Piepacker runs directly on the web. Players can collaborate on a game or compete against one another.  An additional feature includes the live 3D filters that animate any game.


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