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As the sports industry returns from COVID shutdowns, the numbers of Americans who are betting on the games is increasing. It’s estimated that 31.4 million Americans bet close to $7.6 billion on the 2022 Super Bowl, an increase of 35% over Super Bowl 2021.

The U.S. sports betting industry is now valued at $59 billion and analysts say that it could expand to $93 billion in 2023.  Start-ups are cashing in and sports betting companies are encouraging the efforts as they look to bolster their existing tech with that of early-stage startups.

Larry Danzig, managing partner at Sharp Alpha, a venture capital firm in New York says, "There is an innovation gap that the market leaders--the companies most reliant on the future of this industry--are generally unable or ill-equipped to solve themselves."

These startups need to demonstrate to investors that they are offering a valuable product so many of them launch in February and March when market trends pick up steam as betting fever reaches a peak for Super Bowl and March Madness events.


Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes sets out to explore some of the top new sports betting start ups to watch include:


Chalkboard aims to draw in new sports bettors, especially women, by offering once central place where users can track picks, check scores and chat with fellow bettors. The company believes that by creating a social network where women sports bettors can gather and communicate, it will offer women a friendlier environment where they will feel supported in their betting endeavors and expand their activities in this realm.


Drawing on the interest in matched betting, gives bettors the choice of betting against the house or against each other for one-on-one, low commission fee wagers.. In this way, bettors can turn match bets into regular wagers. There are many different types of spread, future and prop bets and the payout is competitive. The site doesn’t yet have live streaming or offer options for Edit Bet and all sports are not yet represented.


DraftFuel was developed by FinTech as a way to allow gamblers to place bets “guilt-free”. The idea involves collecting the leftover “change” from credit card purchases and then directing it to a separate sports betting fund so people can place bets without feeling as though they’re wasting their money on wagers. With DraftFuel, bets can be made in a way that seems financially responsible through creating healthy betting habits.


Rivalry is an online esports and sports betting platform. It focuses on esports with a specialty on League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike betting. It’s an international platform, licensed through the Isle of Man, and operates in dozens of countries through not in the United States where its license is not recognized.

However, the plan is for it to enter into a partnership or join venture with an already-regulated operator, similar to the partnership between sports media and gaming sportsbook theScore and Penn National Gaming Inc to boost esports betting experiences. Rivalry already operates in Australia and Canada.

Game Day

The GameDay tool gives organizers a one-stop tool for managing events – free to use for free events with paid events requiring a small online platform fee.

Organizers can manage their competitions, stats and fixtures including entry of match results and automatic generation of tables/ladders for all sports including home and away competitions, knockout tournaments, competitions that take place as a gala-day format or at a single venue on multiple dates. The tool alerts fans to date information, allows for the management of results and stats and includes live scoring for streaming live results during the match.

Action Network

The Action Network provides sports fans with news, insights, data, odds and betting tools with the goal of enhancing their betting experience. Action Network combined three sports businesses – a bet tracking and scores app, a daily fantasy modeling platform and a high-end betting terminal – into one media company/sports betting product.

Viewers are given premium content, in-deptn analytics and proprietary tools that guide bettors to make their bets as effective as possible.

Bet Magician

Bet Magician provides everything that you need to make the most informed bets so that you can look forward to top results. The free app provides tips and predictions for soccer events including match probabilities with graphic displays of predicted outcomes, match statistics with in-depth analyses, statistics and detailed play comparisons, predictions based on past player performances.

There are also algorithms that recognize high odds with high probabilities and tools to  review past mistakes in order to reach better future results.  Users can filter by odds, strengths and prediction types.


Another tool that gives bettors betting options other than betting against the house, Wagr lets the bettor wage against friends and family in a casual atmosphere of non-pressured wagering. Currently available only to residents in Tennessee, Wagr aims to make betting as easy and user-friendly as possible by giving people a tool that allows them to decide on which game to bet through a better understanding of the odds.

The app collects the bets and facilitates the payouts so the whole process is easy and relieves friends from the uncomfortableness that may result from trying to collect on a win from a friend. The betting limit is $500 and under and focuses more on social engagement than the actual betting process.


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