Tips for fantasy football players - let Grande Vegas get you up to speed

Regardless of whether you’re new to fantasy football or you have experience and want to level up your game, you can enjoy a more successful season of fantasy football competitions with just a few simple adjustments in your online casino gaming efforts. Fantasy football is one of the few gambling games that has been judged by the courts of many countries to be a betting game where skill plays a significant role and, therefore, is not seen as a gambling game of luck.

You can’t just build your team with random players and then expect to look forward to a winning season. You have to combine an understanding of the elements and intricacies of the game with careful planning and strategizing in order to achieve the kind of wins that will put you at the head of your league.

Some basic tips for fantasy football players for the 2022-2023 season include:


Plan with a general strategy in mind but remember that every draft is unique so you’re going to have to be prepared to be flexible.

Some suggestions for a good overall plan include:

  • Pick players that you need as opposed to choosing players that you think will be good for future trades. Don’t waste your valuable picks on some future “might be”
  • Evaluate a player’s injury history and off-field issues. There’s no way to predict the future but if the past indicates that the player is injury-prone or gets sidelined for off-field antics, that player may not be a smart pick
  • Check the player’s Average Draft Position. That knowledge can help you prioritize your picks
  • Don’t grab a player just because he had a good week. Make your picks based on long-term performance.
  • Give priority to lower-level players on great teams over hot players on low-performing teams. Those lower-level players are often more reliable


Once you’ve gotten your team populated you need to create your line-up.

  • Play flex players that have the most favorable matchups
  • Load up on running backs and wide receivers. You will need two running backs and two wide receivers every week and if you don’t have enough back-ups, you’re in big trouble. Some of the top picks are currently wide receivers and more and more, veteran fantasy players are picking their wide receivers before they select their running backs.
  • Take your time when you choose your quarterback. If you decide to pick your quarterback in the draft before a running back or a wide receiver, you should do so only in the QB is better than average.
  • Keep an eye on dates for upcoming Thursday and Saturday games so that you don’t miss any opportunities
  • Make sure that you’ve stockpiled players for the bye weeks
  • Think ahead about the post-season games -- if you get an injured player, don’t waste a waiver pick unless necessary. You’ll move up in the waiver order which will be helpful if a star player emerges.
  • Target the Upside when you create your roster.

Football News

It’s essential for fantasy football players to stay current with what’s happening on the field. The need to do your research starts way before the draft. Pre-season happenings are almost as important as what’s happening on the field during the season.

Building a winning team means that you need to know what happened pre-season, what’s happening with the players that may affect their performance on the field and even pay attention to rumors about players who may not work well together.

In general, pre-game statistics are more predictive than season-long statistics so pay attention so you can make needed changes or tweak your rankings as needed.

If you’re prepared to go into fantasy football full speed ahead you might want to look at multiple sites and listen to a variety of podcasts to get a full picture but if you don’t have time or the attention span for so much information, find one quality analyst (or group of analysts) who gives information that will help guide you as you get going.


One of the best learning tools out there involves your mistakes. View each season as a learning opportunity. Go over the problems that you faced – why it was hard to fill a particular position, what you should have done differently during the draft, where you missed trade opportunities, etc.

By acknowledging your mistakes you can make adjustments and then improve your performance going forward.  But don’t bang yourself over the head over every little failure – some unfortunate occurrences are just bad luck so consider those possibilities too.


You need a plan but you also need to be flexible. Players that you want may be snatched up before you get to them, you may not get as many running backs or wide receivers as you had hoped for or by the time you choose a quarterback, your choices may be more limited.

In general, if you build out a starting line-up at key positions, you’ll be able to deviate when necessary so you are well-positioned for the coming season.

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