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With the expansion of the casino industry worldwide, the demand for casino managers is growing. Some people go into casino management because they are looking for an opportunity to get involved in a business but for others, it’s a way to become part of the atmosphere of excitement and entertainment that the casino provides from a perspective that’s different than that of a customer.

Casino managers are needed for all types of casinos from large, opulent casino resorts to small tribal casinos, poker rooms, bingo parlors and online casino sites. Each type of gambling venue has its own demands and expectations - one of the most recent challenges is how to move gamers into the bitcoin world - but if you find a good casino management program you’ll be prepared to manage any type of casino setting.

About Casino Management

Casinos are popular entertainment venues that attract millions of visitors every year to casino sites around the world. In recent years, even as governments have created more regulatory environments for their casinos, the casino industry has grown.

Playing games for real money is an attractive form of recreation for many people who are willing to take the risk that they may lose money in order to see if they can win. A good casino manager makes that happen in a way that keeps the customers, the staff and the owners happy.

The casino manager is responsible for the legal and customer service aspects of the casino. Responsibilities include making sure that the casino adheres to all laws and regulations and ensure that the customers have a positive experience.

If you decide to pursue a career in casino management you can find work at racetracks, casino resorts and other types of gambling centers. Casino managers oversee staff members including dealers, food and drink service workers, security personnel and maintenance workers.

The casino manager supervises tech specialists who are in charge of keeping electronic gambling devices running -- the manager is responsible to make sure that the machines run efficiently and fairly so s/he must be well-versed in the operation of these machines so that s/he can prevent any servicing of these machines that might compromise their fairness and randomness.

Finding a Job

If you want to find a job as a casino manager you’ll need a license. The type of license is dependent on the laws in your jurisdiction since different states and countries have different requirements for casino managers. A casino manager must also pass a criminal background review and a drug test – in some areas, periodic drug tests are administered.

A university degree isn’t required to work as a casino manager but if you have a general business degree or a hospitality management degree along with specific coursework in casino management, your chances of landing a job as a casino manager are greater.

Most casino managers enter the workforce as shift managers (pit bosses) and then slowly move up the ladder to supervising managers, general managers and finally to the casino manager. As a casino manager you’ll be expected to enforce regulations and make sure operations are running smoothly.

Casino Management Programs

There are a number of casino management degree programs that provide students with the coursework needed to advance into positions as casino managers or managers of other gambling establishments.

They include:

University of Nevada Las Vegas

The Graduate Certificate in Gaming Management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas focuses on gaming management and leadership techniques. Learning takes place online and via other media.

The program focuses on the application of financial information and accounting to executive decision-making in the gaming industry as well as the examination of management and marketing concepts as they relate to gaming. This includes how those concepts apply to service delivery systems, the development of advertising and marketing systems for casinos with an exploration of new markets and shifts in economic and social patterns, and the development of an understanding of techniques and mechanisms employed in casino management.

Students will be expected to analyze, through independent research, problems in gaming organizations.

LaSell University Massachusetts

LaSell University  offers a Bachelors of Science degree in Resort and Casino Management which is designed to prepare students for management positions in the casino industry.

The program offers a strong base in business including courses in accounting, technology, marketing and organizational behavior as these subjects pertain to the casino industry.

Specialization courses include studies in hospitality, service quality, casino regulations, security, facility operations, resort development and technology and gaming operations.

Throughout the studies students will visit casinos in the New England area including the Stowe Mountain Resort, MGM Springfield, Killington Resort, Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino and more. The course also includes a trip to Las Vegas where top industry executives meet with students to discuss current industry issues and trends.

College of Southern Nevada

The College of Southern Nevada offers an Associate of Applied Science degree which provides students with a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the casino industry. Subjects covered by the CSN program include an understanding of all casino games, a technical overview of slot and other video machines, casino surveillance, gaming laws and regulations, casino marketing, cage operations, statistical analysis, accounting and human relations.

Successful completion of this Associate of Applied Science degree will provide students with an opportunity to seek employment in casino supervisory and management positions. For those currently employed in the industry, this credential enhances the opportunity for job advancement, professional growth and career mobility. Students will obtain knowledge in table games, slot operations, casino surveillance, casino marketing, gaming laws.

Coursework also covers casino terminology, standard operating procedures, internal control standards that govern casino operations, customer service traits and attitudes consistent with accepted guest service standards.

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