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Fitness gaming is a new and growing trend in the gaming industry. Fitness games involve physical activity as part of the gaming process. In order to progress from one level to the next, the gamer must complete real-world physical tasks.  Fitness games can be found at the online casino, on Cloud and at console games sales stations.

How Do Fitness Games Work?

Fitness games, also called Exergames, involves using movement to elicit a response within a game. Active Video Gaming (AVG) keeps players challenged and encourages shared learning. For instance, in the popular Ring Fit Adventure RPG Exergame, the gamer uses the Ring-Con-to simulate workout movements.

There are also AVGs that use technology like Augmented Reality to trigger events or Virtual Reality to simulate virtual worlds. For instance, in  Pokémon Go which is played on mobile, players move around large swatches of area as they attempt to capture virtual monsters on a map. ,

Video gaming has always had a reputation as a passive activity that discourages physical activity. Now, gaming developers are working on ways to combine video gaming with exercise.

The benefits of exercise are well-known…..exercise regulates mood, promotes discipline, is good for one’s mental and emotional state, helps manage weight, reduces the risk of many diseases, strengths bones and muscles and improves one’s ability to perform everyday activities.

For many people, it’s challenging to develop an exercise routine but by making the activity fun and sustainable, more people will exercise more. That’s where video games come in.

Types of Fitness Gaming

Fitness games come in two categories: virtual reality games and non-virtual reality games. Virtual reality games are more immersive and make the exercise experience a genuinely immersive one. The non-VR fitness games just give a good workout as part of the game experience.

A fitness game can include any type of exercise as part of the gaming experience. Swimming, biking, resistance training, jogging, brisk walking, weight-lifting, balancing and other types of physical activity are embedded into the video game and as you move from one level to the next, you need to complete these tasks.

Researchers found that when people play active video games, they enjoy similar beneficial effects as when they engage in traditional forms of exercise. Health professionals, trainers and fitness instructors have been trying to make exercise “fun” forever and now there’s a new, interactive option to make it happen.

Examples of Fitness Games

Some of today’s best fitness video games include:

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a Nintendo workout RPG. Players are paired with a sentient pilates ring with the goal of tracking down and defeating Dragaux, an evil body-building dragon. Ring Fit Adventure is available as a physical set and includes a Ring-con that you use to perform strength exercises, zip-line through the sky, row through rivers and more. Jogging in place is also featured and the jogging trail takes you through colorful landscapes and beautiful terrain.

The difficulty settings vary from easy to hard so you can start off slowly and work your way up to the tough levels further on. The game includes a main story, min-games and freestyle workout modes.

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution gets players dancing to popular American songs like Paramore’s “crushcrushcrush” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance. During the game, directional arrows point towards the "step zone" which tells players when and where and how to step on the included dance mat. The more accurate steps that are completed, the more points you earn.

There are motion controls that you use to incorporate your upper body. You can choose to follow the "choreography" dance style and have the upper body icons accompany the traditional dance arrows so you receive directions,  In addition to the traditional modes there are some other options including a set of challenges that has no menu interruption.

Different styles of co-op play are also available so grade players can proceed based on the lowest or highest accuracy among the group. Additional challenges include aiming to score a certain number of points in a song, unlock new songs, change character outfits, etc.

EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active is a personal trainer program for the Nintendo Wii. It’s full of innovative exercises and sports challenges that you access via the game disc, a stretchy resistance band for weightlifting and lunging and a Wii Nunchuk-housing thigh band that tracks running. The Wii Remote is used for, punching, curling and throwing.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles in this game, just dozens of activities to get your blood moving. You can choose the category that you prefer – upper body, lower body, cardio or sports – and then pick the activity that you want to do.

Options range from shooting a basket and swinging a tennis racket to aerobic dancing, jumping trips, squats, lunges, running on a track, a box with targets, bicep curls, inline skating and throwing a baseball.   Since there are so many activities from which to choose, every workout will feel fresh and exciting.

EA Sports Active focuses on aerobic exercises with speed and flexibility – rather than strength – the main emphasis. Boxing is all about the punch action, running combines with high kicks, etc. There are easy routines but you can ramp up the level whenever you’re ready.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a VR Exergame that has a bit of everything – streams of color-coded boxes thrown at your face, controllers that morph your hands into mismatched, off-brand lightsabers, precision swings and much more. Everything is timed to pulsating music so you have the experience of being a participant in the Beat Saber original soundtrack or any of its other 19 songs. .

As the game progresses, you are tasked with hitting red blocks on the left and blue blocks on the right from amongst incoming blocks which are color-coded to your sabers. As you level up, you’ll confront increasingly rapid-fire sequences, obstacles like spikey mines and more. Scoring is based on how you follow through with your swings.  The scoring system encourages pinpoint accuracy and followthrough. This game will take you as close to being a Jedi as possible.

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