good social media sites for gamers

Gamers who want to promote their content need a good social media strategy so that they can get their content in front of the right viewers.

It’s suggested that gamers get active on multiple platforms but which platforms should you use? Which platforms give you the best exposure and the tools that you need? Where can you reach your audience, including people who want to subscribe to your service with bitcoin or some other type of online payment system?

Check out the online casino’s list of the best social media platforms for gamers.


Discord is a popular chat app for gamers that allows them to communicate through chat, voice or video. Gamers who like to chat with each other while they are playing find Discord to be particularly useful. It is particularly popular with PC gamers who will utilize this platform to talk with one another while playing their games.

Discord allows users to create servers where you can then set up different chat options. People can then meet, hang out, and socialize on Discord, making it an attractive platform for gamers who need a tool that helps them both organize their gaming activities by joining communities with common interests (i.e. in a particular studio or game) and enjoy a social interaction.

The wide variety of chat options distinguishes Discord from other platforms. The interface is user-friendly and the app’s versatility makes it a particularly effective communication app. The chat function makes it simple for people to  meet and chat while they play games. It’s possible to configure a Discord server by setting up different roles for different members. You can create roles for moderators and administrators, etc, which can serve as a reward  for active members.

The “servers” – chat rooms – are created with links which you send to people that you want to invite to join in. Servers can be broken down into channels for discussions on smaller topics using either chat or text. Users can be part of multiple servers simultaneously so Discord becomes a hub for social interaction. There’s no limit on the number of servers that a user can join and it’s easy to switch from one server to the next.

There’s a function that lets you connect your Discord app to other social media accounts including Spotify, Xbox, Steam, Twitch and Twitter so you can connect to people that you already know. Gamers can user the “Go Live” feature to stream live gameplay to other users on the server.


Reddit is set up with “sub-reddits” so any user can start a thread on any subject related to any game. The threads include discussions on bugs and strategies, complaints, etc. Each subreddit has a moderator who is responsible for ensuring that all posters comply with the groups rules.

Overall, gamers and their audiences can participate in quality discussions with valuable insights. The subreddits cover board, card and console games but video gaming outnumbers all other types of gaming discussions.

With an average of 430 million unique monthly users, Reddit enjoys a ranking as one of the most-visited websites in the world. Video game discussions are particularly popular on Reddit and r/gaming subreddit, with over 30 million subscribers, is among the site’s busiest subgroups and is larger than any other video game online community. If you’re a registered user you can subscribe to any of the subreddits and receive priority posts on the front page of your personalized Reddit page.

One of the most popular types of discussion on Reddit is an “AMA” – “Ask Me Anything”  -- where a user can open up a discussion on any topic. In the r/gaming subreddit the most appealing discussions for game enthusiasts are those opened by well-known esports players, voice actors and game developers because they give them the opportunity to ask questions that they can’t get answers to anywhere else. Players also use the form to point fellow gamers in the direction of game details that have been hidden.

An additional Reddit subgroup for gaming aficionados is the r/esports! Subreddit where you can follow esports action, discuss tournamens and match-ups and learn about the latest developments in the world of esports.


The Steam platform offers an all-encompassing platform where gamers  can stream, host servers and find other social networking services all in one convenient online location. Over 20 million users are on Stream playing and discussing games like DOTA,  Counter-Strike and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as well as others.

Since all games you own are on the steam servers you are able to install them on every computer, including, for some games, on multiple pc. There are also many games that you can save in the cloud which means that you can play a game on your desktop, hae the latest save file will be downloaded from the server and then pick up where you left off on your laptop. Everything is on the servers so there’s no need to store multiple consoles or other types of hardware.

There’s a Steam Community where gamers can meet on the platform to join in on game-specific “hubs”. The hubs provide forums where users discuss the game, create guides, provide tutorials and send screenshots and videos.


Twitch is a platform for gamers who want to focus on live streams – either broadcasting a live stream or watching other streamers. Streamers are encouraged to provide gameplay commentary during the streams and viewers can connect with the gamer and with each other in a chat on the sidebar.

Twitch gives its streamers a lot of earning opportunities including options for new gamers and popular streamers. There are both Partner and Affiliate programs, viewer subscription opportunities and ads that broadcast during the streams. Many brands find their influencers by monitoring the Twitch platform to identify gamers who, they believe, will best represent their product while companies that want to sponsor players look to Twitch to find those players.

Both players and gamers take advantage of the direct interaction that Twitch makes possible. While streaming, gamers can talk with viewers, both about the gameplay and other items of interest. Viewers can also chat with the streamer. These communication opportunities facilitate a sense of community as well as an appreciation of the gamers’ skills and content.

Twitch is where most novice gamers go to find advice and guidance. Streamers show off tricks and give tips, answer questions and give tutorials and demonstrations.


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