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While some gamers debate between consoles and PCs, others head straight for their mobile devices for video gameplay and Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes online casino gaming entertainment fun and social interaction.

According to Newzoo which provides gaming statistics to the industry, mobile gaming now makes up 57% of total gaming revenue and is the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry.

Most mobile gamers use their mobile devices for hyper-casual games such as action, puzzle and simulation games which they play both on free-standing platforms and on social media platforms. While gaming designers, developers, publishers and operators use this information to inform their business decisions, users simply want to know what they need to do to optimize their gaming experience.

Increasingly, the choice of which mobile phone to buy is made based on how the device performs as a gaming device. There are many differences among the many phones on the market but the major divide involves iOS vs. Android systems.

Serious players who want to get the most out of their gaming events carefully weigh which operating systems provide the best gaming adventure.

iOS or Android?

The question of whether mobile games play better on Android smartphones or iPhones has been a matter of debate for some time. The major publishers support both systems so, the question is, which mobile operating system best fits your needs?

One of the biggest advantages of iOS is that Apple is known for making devices that blend into an intuitive and natural ecosystem. Android’s big advantage is that it brings Google functionality that makes it easier to customize preferences.

When the two systems are placed side-by-side, what should you know in order to make a choice?

App Availability

Google currently features 3 million apps while Apple is closing in on 2 million. That doesn’t mean, however, that you get more choices with Google, nor does it mean that Google gives you the better app experience.

In addition, close to a million apps in both stores are gaming apps so in terms of accessing the types of games that you’re looking for, or even the individual games that you want to play, your chances are about 50-50 to find them at both Apple and Android.

A few points in Apple’s favor:  Apple is known for aggregating its apps to help users more easily find the apps that meet their individual needs and expectations. Apple Store features more games with 4.5 and 5.0 ratings.

Apple users tend to spend more per person than Android users so creators focus on getting their games into the Apple Store before they try the Google Play Store so Apple users get the best new games before Android users see them. That means if getting new games as soon as they are released is important to you, you’ll want an iOS phone.

One point of interest – Android updates to games are generally released months before those same updates are released to iOS users.


Apple has never tried to compete with Google re: pricing. Apple considers itself a premium brand and that’s how it markets its products. Android users say that Apple products are simply overpriced – that includes not only the phones themselves but also the pricing on apps.

So the same game that you buy on Android for $30 can cost a few dollars more at the Apple Store. Apple, on the other hand, claims that it provides more value for the money and most observers agree that Apple products last longer and are generally more durable.

Gaming Experience

Thanks to the evolution of mobile games from the use of pixelated graphics to high-definition graphics, the gaming experience on mobile across the board is better than ever. While Android gamers enjoy a greater variety of game choices, Apple users, it is generally conceded, provide the best mobile gaming experience. This is judged by the device’s performance and usability.

Both iOS and Android continue to upgrade their GPUs and CPUs so that players enjoy more fluid gaming experiences when playing at the online casino, on social media platforms and video games, including those designed by major studios.


If you’re entering websites and downloading software, you’ll want to carefully consider iOS vs Android re: security.

There are a number of elements that contribute to each device’s security and each must be examined to get a picture of how the user can enjoy the most secure mobile gaming experience overall.

Analysts agree almost unanimously that Apple’s app marketplace security is tighter than that of Google because Apple keeps a closer eye on its Apple app store apps than does Google Play with its Google Play Store.

There have been multiple cases when Android apps that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, and whose rankings are high, have been discovered to contain malware.

iOS also comes out as the more secure device as it relates to its device manufacturers and patch updates since the iPhone integrated design and scheduled updates reduce instances of vulnerabilities. Both the iPhone and Android devices are achieving good results in source code security – Apple through its close guarding of source code secrets and Android through its use of open-source.

In short, deciding whether you want to play your games on an Android or an iOS phone is a decision that encompasses a wide range of considerations.

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