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Gaming influencers have been credited with drawing more viewers to the gaming world. As people searched for activities to do during pandemic lockdowns and social distancing mandates, playing Grande Vegas no deposit bonus code games and watching others play has become a popular source of entertainment. In the same way that sports fans enjoy watching their favorite athletes perform, gaming fans have found that tuning in to watch pro gamers play is a satisfying source of entertainment.

The gamers create their content online by streaming their gaming activities to their audiences. The most popular online casino gamers aren’t necessarily the ones that compete at the popular games. Instead of influencing their followers by suggesting products these influencers give game tutorials, talk about their competitions and preferences and often add totally irrelevant content about their hobbies and outside interests to their broadcasts – which their fans love.


As the global gaming market expands, the role of these content creators is also expanding. Trends are evolving as more women create gaming content, more gaming teams are becoming involved as influencers and gamers are increasingly operating on multiple platforms. But at the core, little has changed as creators help the gaming world grow through high-quality gaming content which is delivered in an atmosphere of fun-filled education and entertainment

Influencers such as PewDiePie, VanossGaming and MarkiPlier have tens of millions of subscribers each. But many of 2021’s top gaming influencers aren’t necessarily those who boast the largest numbers of fans. They stay on top of their games by keeping their fans entertained with gaming plus additional content that creates a well-rounded viewing experience. Some of these gamers include:


Ninja is currently the most followed gamer on Twitch, thanks to a goofy, energetic personality that comes across on his Twitch channel where he  streams Fortnite, PUBG, Halo and H1Z1. Many viewers tune in to see his tutorials and his impressions which have made his channel an “anything can happen” kind of place. In addition to his solo play Ninja has played with a number of teams including TeamLiquid, Renegades, Luminosity Gaming and Cloud9.

Ninja was featured on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. One of the things that has boosted his popularity among gaming fans are his non-gaming adventures including a gig on the Family Feud TV show, work on the Ninjawerks: Vol. 1 album which featured original songs by electronic music acts, an appearance on YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind , a walk-on in the 100-Year Game NFL 2019 Super Bowl ad, his charitable work for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and his book Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming.


Tiffany Garcia is known as Cupquake, Tiffyquake, and iHasCupquake. She is an American gamer who specializes in YouTube gaming videos, cosplays and DIYs. Fans enjoy Tiffany’s funny, bubbly demeanor and parents encourage their kids to watch her because she promotes wholesome content and love of cats with little profanity or inappropriate language

Tiffany has been streaming since 2010 when she started out streaming “Gamer talks” and “Piece of Quake.” She plays a wide range of games with specialties in World of Warcraft and League of Legends.  She is known to be one of the hardest-working streamers and runs over two dozen series including Bioshock, Don’t Starve, Amnesia, Dead Space, Super Meat Boys, Terraria, Portal and  The Binding of Isaac.


Harry Christopher George Lewis is W25, an online gamer and YouTube personality who is the youngest member of the Sidemen British YouTube gamers. W25’s videos focus on FIFA series commentaries – a carryover from his love of football that started when played for a local football team --  but they include many other genres as well.

Harry is known for experimenting with different ideas on his YouTube channels including channels where he plays instruments and vlogs. His main channel is “Wroetoshaw”, a combination of FIFI players Tom Bradshaw and Nicky Wroe and his enthusiasm for football is affirmed by his FIFA videos when he smasked his controller or chair when he became excited.

In his videos W25 comes across as “kid-like”. He seems to make an effort not to take himself seriously through the use of self-deprecating humor and comments of the like. Although his video uploads are inconsistent he’s a Sidemen favorite and his fanbase is solid.


Lirik is Saqib Zahid is an American streamer who streams on Twitch and represents Discord as an influencer to promote Discord on his channel.

Zahid started out playing World of Warcraft but switched to DayZ and later to PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds. By 2017 he was earning over $200,000 from subscribers. He is currently playing under a multi-year contract with Twitch.


Michael Grzesiek is Shroud, a Canadian YouTube streamer who is best-known for his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gaming along with other battle royales and first-person shooters such as Apex Legends, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov and PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds. His career launched with several ESEA teams, after which he signed on with complexity Gaming as a stand-in. Later, he moved to Cloud9 when they acquired compLexity’s roster and he led Cloud9 to a first-place finished in 2016 at ESL Pro League Season 4 and second place in the 2017 ESL One Cologne.

Today Grzesiek streams full time on Twitch as a professional CS:GO player.


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