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Gamers often enjoy continuing their exploration of a game’s story, characters, gameplay mechanics and settings with new episodes. Game developers answer this demand by creating new episodes of favorite games so that players can engage with familiar environments while enjoying new challenges while aiming to win $1000’s. The online casino offers multiple game franchise so you can immerse yourself in a game’s plot while moving on to new adventures within the game’s world.

Why Franchise Games?

Why have franchise games become so popular?

  1. They offer a familiar milieu with universes, characters, and storylines that players already know and in which they are already invested. Playing in such a familiar environment can create a sense of comfort and excitement.
  2. The game’s story offer continuity. Sometimes that continuity comes from previous games in the franchise while in other franchises, the story is a continuation of a movie, book or TV show. This allows the players to immerse themselves in the narrative even further.
  3. Games in a franchise give players the chance to interact with beloved characters in new and exciting ways. By developing a strong connection to these characters, the gamer can see the characters in different scenarios which adds to the feelings of connection that the player has to the game’s personalities.
  4. Franchise games often feature rich and immersive worlds that can be explored further as franchise games progress.
  5. There are often large and active communities of players who share a passion for the franchise which can lead to shared experiences, friendly competition and interactions on social media.
  6. For many players, franchise games evoke feelings of nostalgia including memories of watching movies, reading books, or playing with other games that are related to that franchise.


When you play at the Grande Vegas casino you can choose games that are part of a franchise. All the original franchise games are featured in the Grande Vegas games lobby as well as new launches. Some of Grande Vegas’s most popular franchise slots include:

The T-Rex Series

The T-Rex series of dinosaur-themed slot machines include the original T-Rex game, T-Rex 2 and the latest T-Rex Wild Attack online slot.

T-Rex brings dinosaurs to life as they battle enemies and forces of nature to stay alive.

In T-Rex 1, when T-Rex appears on the Reel 3, his images doubles your prize when it’s part of a winning combination. When 3 or more egg symbols appear anywhere on the screen during a free spin, it will trigger the T-Rex Pick feature where T-Rex eats all the other dinosaurs and replaces them with T-Rex symbols. T-Rex slot machine offers a progressive jackpot where, for a small progressive jackpot bet, you can complete for the jackpot prize.

In T-Rex 2, there are two jackpot prizes that you can compete for – the Major Jackpot and the Minor Jackpot. IN T-Rex 2, if T-Rex appears on reel 1, he can eat the other dinosaurs. If a Triceratops, Suchomimus or Raptor is eaten, it will be replaced with a T-Rex wild symbol. When multiple egg symbols appear on the screen simultaneously, they trigger up to 100 free spins.

T-Rex Wild Attack features a Cascade feature which is activated when one or more Wilds appear on the gameboard with no resulting win. The Cascade feature causes all low-paying symbols to disappear, with the remaining symbols then falling to the bottom of the gameboard while new symbols (High-Paying, Scatter, or Wild) cascade down to fill the empty positions. Added to the excitement, there are up to 20 free spins in the T-Rex Wild Attack slot machine with Stacked Wilds, Wild Multipliers and respins.

Cash Bandits Franchise

The Cash Bandits franchise is a light-hearted group of games that includes Cash Bandits, Cash Bandits 2 and Cash Bandits Museum Heist.

Cash Bandits starts out with traditional symbols, wilds, scatters and multipliers along with a Vault Feature in which you select a number from the 10 digit keypad to try to crack the codes – prizes can total up to 90 free games and 12x multiplier prizes!

In Cash Bandits 2 the sneaky bandits from Cash Bandits 1 are on the loose once again as they try to get their hands on an even bigger pile of dough. In this fun-filled slot, the Wild is now grouped on all reels to give you the chance to achieve some criminally big wins. The Vault Feature from Cash Bandits 1 returns with bigger rewards than ever – up to 190 Free spins with multipliers of up to 17x!

If you are playing Cash Bandits Museum Heist you’ll be robbing a museum with Blue Robber and Purple Robber Wilds which morph and expand. There are 9 free spins in the free spins round along with a Pick Bonus where you have 8 masterpieces from which to choose – pick the right one and you might even get a Free Spins booster!

There are other game franchise at the online casino – you can choose from the Greek Mythology-themed Achilles and Achilles Deluxe, the Norse Mythology-themed Asgard and Asgard Deluxe, Egyptologies’ Cleopatra’s Gold, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold or Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe, the whimsical whitchy Bubble Bubble, Bubble Bubble 2 or Bubble Bubble 3 or the silly Shopping Spree or Shopping Spree 2.

Visit our online casino for franchise gaming fun!

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