Fish Catch Game Special

Who would have thought that fishing could be so much fun? Real Time Gaming made it super entertaining in their brand new game called Fish Catch. No, this is not an online video slot machine! It is a completely different format of a gambling game which the developer refers to as a ‘shooting game’. But, before we break down the gameplay, let’s discuss what we can see on screen. RTG delivers a stunning visual presentation of marine life. It’s not quite clear if we’re looking at a pond, a river or an ‘under the sea’ area, but that doesn’t matter as the graphics are gorgeous and show all sorts of fish species.

This aquatic surface in Fish Catch is special, as it is also home to mermaids! RTG incorporates various bet denominations into the game, as well as different multipliers, which add to the excitement and makes the game playable for any curious gamer. Grande Vegas will allow its members to submerge themselves into this fishing competition as soon as December 12th, both on desktop and mobile!

Fishy For the Win

Fish Catch by Real Time Gaming is a multi-player game and it allows up to 4 players gaming at the same time, each manning their fishing spot and making the best of their armaments. Once you load the game, you will be prompted to choose a room to play in and also choose from over 20 species of finny prey; you will then proceed to shoot at them and catch them. The key to mastering the game is keeping in mind that each fish is of different value and each cannon carries a different bet multiplier.

Bet denominations range from 0.01 to 2.50 and there are five cannons: the x1 cannon, x2, x3, x5 and x10. The combination of your wise decisions and choices and the sudden Mermaid Luck Feature leads to big wins! The Mermaid Luck Feature is activated randomly, and if the lovely mermaid grows fond of you, she will grant you a spin of the wheel to earn up to 250 times your bet. There are no free shots eligible in Fish Catch and no jackpots to be won, but the thrill of the competition is in its favour.

The latest RTG release will arrive in Grande Vegas on January 16th 2019 and provide our customers with new ways to win and triumph not only over the software but also over other competitors. Make a good match out of Fish Catch! Be at Grande Vegas on December 12th at the crack of dawn because every fisherman knows that’s when all the fishies nibble! With a bit of luck, you will catch a glimpse of a mermaid or two and bag extra prizes.

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