Frog Fortunes Slot

For hundreds of years, explores have been searching the deepest jungles and forests for hidden treasures. Pirates, conquistadors and explorers alike. In Frog Fortunes you’ll cut your way through the rain forest until you get into a clearing under the canopy of the looming trees above. Soon you’ll reveal a magical temple where you might uncover great fortunes. In the background birds are atwitter while other creatures sound their call. In the distance tribal music will help bring you into the excitement. 

This video slot has 5 reels and 3 rows and was brought to you by Real Time Gaming. Each of the symbols is placed on one of the hexagonal playing spots of the game. These symbols will become populated as they mystical frog below blows magical bubbles at the screen. Frog Fortunes pay left to right offering 243 ways to win. When you start playing, you’ll be able to benefit from up to 150 times your base bet. The game doesn’t offer any free spins, but there are plenty of colorful symbols to keep you company. An array of gems are the lower paying symbols. You’ll find an orange prism, a clear crystal blue diamond, an emerald cut green gem and a pink diamond. There are also a number of multi-colored totem masks. They represent the animal spirits of the rain forest and make up the higher paying icons. Ideally your aim is to uncover as many purple eagles as possible as they are the highest paying symbol. Cover the screen to win up to 150 times your bet. You’ll also find green, red and gold totems embodying the spirits of reptiles, mammals and amphibians.

Let the forest rain fortune

You’ve found the hidden temple of Frog Fortunes. So, how do you uncover the riches inside? There are a couple of special features to help you on your way. At any point on the hexagonal spots on the game board you can receive a randomly exploding symbol. This icon is engraved with a number. It will stick in place for the same number on spins before it finally blasts open making space for cascading reels to fall in place. On top of that every time you win while the cascading reels fall into place new symbols can fall into place, leading to more wins. The exploding symbol can detonate into one of ten different patterns. If fortune smiles on you, you might just be left with a full board of totems giving you the chance to claim the big bounty. 

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Frog Fortune will transport you deep into a mystical rain forest full of magical animal totems, sparkling gems and the chance to find your own fortune.


New jungle-themed Video Slot from RTG on October 28th

Deep in the rain forest of a forgotten land lies the temple of Frog Fortunes. It won’t be easy to find, but if you do you might find untold riches and gems. Under the cover of a thick canopy of sky-high trees, you’ll find the sanctuary. Magical totems, sparkling gems, and plenty of special features. Get lucky and you’ll find the random exploding symbols. Detonating in a variety of patterns to activate cascading reels and wins.

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