We at Grande Vegas online casino are well aware that we are just one online casino in a sea of thousands. Our unending commitment to you, our loyal players, is to become better every day and to serve you in every possible way.

We can divide our activities into several more manageable categories. We strive to excel in each and every one.

  • We accept US players.
  • Safe, secure, and easy banking.
  • 24/7/365 customer service.
  • Great games in many genres.
  • Three superb gaming platforms.
  • Tournaments.
  • Many top promotions.
  • Loyalty program.
  • VIP service.
  • Informative blogs and articles.
  • Responsibility to gamers with a gambling problem.

Let’s explore each of these aspects of online casino management and service individually.


We all know that the online gaming industry was sent into upheaval in 2005 when Congress passed a law banning banks and credit card companies from transferring money to online casinos. The law did NOT make it illegal for Americans to gamble online.

Many online casinos have shied away from the US market since that fateful day. We have solved the technicalities of the law and now accept US players with open arms. We are among the few online casinos that still accept American gamers. Our goal in this regard is to be recognized as THE US online casino.

We pattern ourselves as an online Vegas casino. That means that we treat our players with the same level of sophistication as any good Las Vegas casino. Just as no top Vegas casino has threadbare carpeting or out-of-order machines, we offer the finest quality in every aspect of online gaming.


We have several diverse ways to deposit and withdraw funds. You can choose from credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, and direct bank transfers.

We try to make withdrawal as quick as depositing but there is one point we must make to ease your mind. No one will deposit money into your account if they intend on stealing it. But we always have to be doubly sure that the person making a withdrawal request is the same person who is entitled to receive the money.

So, while depositing many seem instantaneous, withdrawals might take up to 72 hours while we verify that you are you.


We use the most sophisticated SSL encryption software in order to guard your money when it is on deposit at Grande Vegas. Encryption simply means that the software scrambles the information in such a way that hackers can’t read it. We use the same encryption technology as all online financial concerns including banks, brokerages, and investment houses.


We have a hard-rock policy to protect your privacy in every way. We have to gather some information for our banking and gaming records. But we guard that information as if it were our own.

Customer Service

Banking and game play are the two most common causes of gamers making contact with Grande Vegas. We offer immediate service via Skype, toll free telephone, and email.

Our customer service office never closes. A 24/7/365 policy means that we can assist you whenever you need assistance.


Every good online casino has many slots plus a slew of table games, video poker, and casual games. That is the ho-hum side of online casino gaming. We pride ourselves on the ultimate quality of our games. Our providers are the very best in the industry - we make sure of that - so that you have the best possible gaming experience.

Gaming Platforms

We offer three excellent platforms to satisfy every player’s needs. First, the traditional method of accessing an online casino is to download. Our download software is second to none.

However, we recognize that many gamers prefer not to put an online casino on their hard drive. To deal with this reasonable desire, we authorized and developed a first class instant play format.

Some form of instant play has been around for a long time but we were not satisfied with the graphics and other qualities in the instant play platforms then extant when we began operation. We were determined to produce much better software for instant play and now we have done so.

Our instant play platform sacrifices nothing to download software in terms of graphics, animation, and sound. So the games, especially our large collection of slots, come through with beautiful definition.


Our third great gaming platform is for mobile. Need we say more about the manifest convenience of mobile. Alas, in the early days of mobile the game quality was quite poor. We could not in good conscience offer mobile gaming with inferior software.

Our mobile platform is state-of-the–art. Now you can play all our games on any modern mobile device. The definition is superb. So much so, that mobile gaming at Grande Vegas is as popular as desktop gaming today.

Progressive Games

We offer a nice selection of progressive games. These are life-changing jackpots, often surpassing the $1,000,000 mark. Playing for a huge progressive jackpot is a singularly thrilling experience.


We believe that gamers deserve to get as many bonuses as possible. Our commitment to bonuses begins when you sign up as a new player. We never stop offering deposit bonuses on daily, weekly, and monthly bases.

We run an excellent loyalty program in which your bets are all translated into loyalty points. At the critical point, you will be able to convert your points into gaming credits.

If you are a high roller and accumulate a large store of loyalty points, we will enroll you in our exclusive VIP Club. Here you’ll get feted like the VIP you are. You’ll get gifts, trips, tickets and much more as reward for your immense loyalty to Grande Vegas.


Among the most popular promotions we run are daily tournaments. These promotions are popular for several reasons. One, the cost to play is minimal. There often is no entry fee. These are called free roll tournaments. When there is an entry fee, it is so minimal that you feel like you are playing strictly for the fun of it.

In a tournament, you play with tournament credits. Winnings are converted into points and the bearers of the most points at the end of the tournament win a cash prize. You didn’t win? Well, there is another tournament just around the corner! You can try again and have a whale of a time in the process.


We run two excellent services as way of getting as much information out there as possible. Grande Vegas online casino is not just a place to play; we also have news to report, new games to introduce, and general information to deliver.

The first avenue we use to deliver information is our casino blog. We update the blog regularly so you always feel on top of things at Grande Vegas.

Another way we communicate is through short videos. Here you can watch 20-30 second videos that showcase slots and some table games. You’ll see the graphics and especially the great animation that are a major part of the entertainment value of our slots. In addition, you’ll hear the background music of each chosen slot. We have heard from gamers that they like a given slot because the music is so entertaining in its own right.

And always watch your casino mailbox. Here is where we will send you a personal invitation to receive a bonus, join a contest, or try a new game.

Responsible Gaming

At Grande Vegas online casino we know that gaming at its best is an entertainment. Your bankroll is part of your entertainment budget. Grand Vegas is 100% committed to responsible gaming. When a player who needs help managing his gaming budget contacts us, or is identified by our staff, we gladly offer our help.

Grande Vegas Online Casino

We are a premier US online casino, accepting players from the US where too many casinos still are unnecessarily wary of entering the US market.

We pattern ourselves as an online Vegas casino, offering as much, and in fact far more, than any land-based Vegas casino can offer.

You never have to wait for a table at Grande Vegas. We offer great Vegas-style gaming without the added costs of traveling to Vegas.

All in all, we at Grande Vegas see ourselves as a premier online casino. We're sure you'll agree.

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