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Our Vegas Online Slots Give Hours of Creative Entertainment

You’re looking for the finest Vegas online slots.  You came to the right place!  Grande Vegas online slots take Vegas one giant step forward!

Many More Vegas Online Slots

At a brick and mortar casino, in Vegas or anywhere else, you see a large bank of slot machines.  It looks impressive.  But if you count the slots, you’ll arrive at a number.  In contrast to the limited number of slots at a land-based Las Vegas slot casino, there are an infinite number of Grande Vegas online slots!

Play Vegas Online Slots Whenever You Choose

There’s another good reason to play Grande Vegas online slots.  When you’re playing in a Las Vegas slot casino, you might have to wait for a seat at your favorite slot machine.  When you play online slots, you never have to wait.  The magic of the internet means that no matter how many millions of people might be playing a single slot, there’s always room for one more!

Types of Slots

There are many types of slots at Grande Vegas!  Themes, progressive, three reel, five reel—the list goes on and on. You can never run out of online slots to play for fun and profit. 


Modern slots all have at least five reels.  Some have six or even seven.  By adding reels, the software developers were able to add pay lines.  Now, nine pay lines are almost standard and some games have twenty or more pay lines.  Some games have so many “pay lines” that the casino just says it has 243 ways to win!

Characters in Vegas Online Slots

There are two reasons to play our online slots.  One is because we like to place a small wager on the outcome of games.  The second is to enjoy the creativity that goes into each and every slot game.

All our video slots have a theme.  The range of themes is actually unlimited.  Even within a given theme, such as pirates, there are any number of side themes.  The key entertainment value of themed video slots lies in the thought that goes into the characters.


Graphics and animation make up a large aspect of these slots’ value as pure fun.  The more the characters move about and talk to you, the more fun they are to play. 

Because video slots are computerized, the software developers have a truly free hand in developing exciting, fun games.  There are over 150 game developers.  Some have libraries of hundreds of games; some have fewer than 100.

In online casino gaming, one size definitely does not fit all!  Modern graphics are so much better than they were only a few years ago, that many older games also look older.  All of our slots have a young feel

Extra Ways to Win

The developers of video slots continue to come up with extra ways to score wins or to enlarge wins.  One common method is to add a multiplier.  Usually this happens in wins aided by the Wild symbol.  In these cases the multiplier for a win aided by a Wild goes up in the bonus rounds.

Some games have multipliers only in the bonus round.  In some cases, we offer you a choice: take a higher multiplier with fewer free spins or reverse the choice and take more free spins with a lower multiplier.

Sometimes there is more than one Wild connected in a reel.  We call this a stacked reel.  Three Wilds in a stacked reel is common but some games have an entire reel stacked.

In some slots, the symbols that score a win “cascade” down and out of the screen.  The other remaining symbols fall down to fill the empty spaces.  Then new symbols come down.  In this feature, you can repeatedly score wins from a single spin.

Bonus rounds are almost always for free spins.  In some slots, you can retrigger the free spins bonus by luckily pulling three or more Scatters on one of the free spins.

Progressive Slots

Every online casino has some slots and possibly other games as well with a progressive jackpot.  These jackpots grow because either the casino or the provider siphons off a small amount from each bet to grow the jackpot.

There two basic types of progressive jackpots.  The first is a progressive run by the casino itself.  Because any one casino has limited reach, the jackpots have relatively modest win amounts.

The second and far more lucrative type of progressive jackpot is run by the game developer.  Here the reach is worldwide so the jackpots can grow to very high sums.

Mobile Slots

When we talk about great graphics, we must talk about mobile.  In all aspects of online gaming and especially in slots, the quality of the graphics on mobile casinos has grown exponentially.  This has caused Grande Vegas mobile to overtake the desktop casino as the preferred playing platform for many of our gamers.

Computerization and Vegas Online Slots

The original slot machines were mechanical devices.  You had to pull the arm to set the reels in motion.  Video slots are all about computer software.  You push the button and the reels spin.  So, what makes them stop?

In Vegas online slots and all online casino games, the Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the result of every spin or every hand.  Therefore, no slot is ever “hot” or “cold”.

There are still players who believe that some slots in brick and mortar casinos are looser than others.  We understand that that is not the case.  Online, it’s impossible.  The return to player rate at Grande Vegas ranges normally between 97-98%.

Play Them All

Your enjoyment of Grande Vegas online slots just grows and grows when you sample all the different slot types.  Remember, you can always play for free at Grande Vegas online casino. So, try out all our slots.  Fun’s the key!




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