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The government in Beijing has been targeting gamblers in their push to limit online casino gambling in the country but e-commerce giants are fighting back.  Illegal online gambling platforms including welcome bonus casinos have become more pervasive since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Chinese authorities now find themselves investigating close to 9000 cross-border gambling cases. 

a vintage Welcome to Pennsylvania sign

Pennsylvania reported that its October Vegas casino online sports betting revenues exceeded $500 million. This marks the third consecutive record month for Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania legalized sports betting exactly two years ago and questions about the state’s policies, including a record 36% tax, have been swept away as Pennsylvania sports betting skyrockets.  

gamer streaming his games

Streaming refers to online casino gamers who broadcast their no deposit bonus codes video-game gameplay live to online viewers. The rise of competitive gaming and esports has fueled the evolution of live streaming. It doesn’t sound like an interesting thing to do to watch others play games.

a mobile phone with an American football field on the screen and an American football

The November elections saw additional states vote to legalize online casino sports betting while both the FanDuel and DraftKings fantasy sports operators reported another week of solid results. But outbreaks of COVID-19 cases in the big leagues, particularly within the NFL, is causing concern.


Rival Peak, Facebook’s first exclusive cloud-based title, mixes reality TV and Telltale writing in an innovative new game that allows online casinos players to decide the story. The Facebook-hosted Rival Peak reality show/virtual game brings artificial intelligence-driven “contestants” onto the screen where they live, work and interact in the Rival Peak region of the Internet cloud. 

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After a federal court ruled that Oklahoma tribes do not need to renegotiate their tribal gaming compacts in order to continue to run their casinos, Gov. Kevin Stitt said that he was accepting the ruling and would not pursue the legal battle further while the tribes will not challenge Oklahoma’s new online casinos live horse racing and online casino electronic gaming.   

team playing professional esports

Throughout the last decade Vegas casino esports have become an important resource for universities looking to increase capital. This has become even more true over the last year with esports being one of the few minimal risk sports that universities can run with relative safety. eSports have helped to keep investment in professional and college sports alive – globally, $20.3 million was invested in esports acquisitions, mergers and improvements. 

five friends sitting on a short wall playing on their phones

Facebook Vegas casino online Gaming has launched with a bang. The new online casino Facebook venture was able to take advantage of the Microsoft Mixer demise and pick up an immediate community of streamers, viewers and fans. 

illustrated skyline of Las Vegas

Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada have been placed on a three-week pandemic “pause” by Governor Steve Sisolak. Sisolak’s Pause includes a mask mandate and capacity restrictions for businesses (gyms, casinos, bars and restaurants).  While Vegas venues are suffering (year-on-year gambling revenue was down 39.2% on the Las Vegas Strip for the three months ended Sept. 30), it’s the small businesses that have the most to lose. Sisolak’s mandate states that only 4 people can sit at a table in a restaurant with a 25% capacity. Many small businesses fear that this will be the final nail in the coffin that puts them out of business.

chess board on a blue background

When Margaret Woodbury Strong started to amass her collection of toys to honor the business of play, she couldn’t have imagined that it would, one day, become a major source of information about the new welcome bonus casinovideo gaming, sport and pastime. But the museum has evolved beyond its original mission of honoring dolls, board games and other playthings and is now an important center of data, research and accolades within the online casino video gaming industry.

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