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2021 with the 0 as a basketball

One non-negative outcome of the coronavirus pandemic is that the Vegas casino online sports world has begun to embrace online casino esports. College sports programs now run esports teams, broadcasters feature esports data on their broadcasts and even the Olympics will be featuring esports competitions in the next Olympic Games.

computer screen showing an online meeting among colleagues

It’s no secret that the number of work-from-home employees has skyrocketed this year. In the United States alone close to 18 million people now work from home and estimates are that the numbers will continue to rise as employers find that they can save on office costs while they enjoy the same – if not more – productivity from at-home workers. Even before the pandemic, the remote workforce in the United States rose by 173% between 2005 and 2018. Today, it’s estimated that 42% of the American workforce works from home.

man celebrating a win on a sports event on his laptop and phone

Vegas casino online sports betting is not legal in 19 states. Four states have passed online casino sports betting legislation and are presently preparing the infrastructure to begin offering it in the coming months. Nine additional states have sports betting bills pending in their state legislatures. 

close up of the eyes of a man wearing glasses looking at a computer screen

Hacking has been a challenge for cybersecurity professionals for many years. As far back as the ‘80s, before the Internet became a dominant force in our lives, hackers could enter computer systems and cause damage or skew results.

young man with headphones watching a streamer on his phone

Streaming gaming started as little as five years ago with YouTube players posting themselves playing games - slots in particular - from their favorite Vegas casino.  Jump ahead a few years and streaming has become big business with all the big players.

playing cards on the table with EU chips and cash bills

Regulating online casino gambling is a hot-button issue for European governments. Different countries have different approaches based on the political realities and the social fabric of each country.

a box with chains and a lock on it

Electronic Games removed Ultimate Teams loot boxes from some of its FIFA games in response to a federal lawsuit that asserted that, by unlawfully increasing the games’ difficulty, Electronic Arts induces gamers into paying more money which is a form of gambling. 

3d rendering of cyberspace and a virtual metaverse in lights

The next version of the internet is generally believed to be what is being called a “metaverse” – a space comprised of  persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces that link into a perceived virtual universe. “Meta” means “beyond” and  the metaverse is envisioned as being a virtual space that, like the online casino, is constantly active and online. In developers’ minds, the metaverse will have its own media, shopping areas, casino sign up bonus promotions and economy.

man playing eports on his screen with a gaming console in his hands

2020 has been a year of change for ....well, everything.  Online casinos with attractive promotions like no deposit bonus codes have been a big draw for people shut in the house during lockdowns.  But it doesn't end there in the field of online gaming.

drawing of white clouds on a blue background

All in all, the gaming industry had a good year in 2020.  The global pandemic caused a lot of heartaches and headaches for billions of people but to counter their distress and boredom, many turned to video and online casino gaming. The gaming industry responded by introducing new games and new tech. One of the biggest trends of 2020 involved cloud-streaming tech which, on first glance, seems to be a game changer. But is it?

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