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Twitch Is the most successful platform for gaming streamers and online casinos. There are thousands of channels where you can see the gameplay, listen to the commentary and connect with other people via the comments section. All this is lots of fun but you can also make a lot of money by streaming your games on Twitch. How do you do that?

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New Jersey’s phenomenal online casino sports betting industry seems to finally be enticing New York to follow suit.  The Empire State, however, still has many bridges to cross before sports betting is legalized for New Yorkers. Last month, for the first time, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo openly threw his support behind legislation that would authorize sports betting for New York state residents.

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Apple and Google are investing serious amounts of money in their online casino App Stores, with a special focus on gaming apps. After lifestyle, social media and utility (tool) apps, gaming apps are the most frequently downloaded apps in the world.

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Virtual reality has become popular among welcome bonus casino video gamers. Now, online casino industry observers say that they expect VR to become a reality for online casino players in the near future.

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Online casino and video games are generally not designed for educational purposes. They are designed to provide gamers with some Vegas casino fun entertainment and give overwhelmed parents a few moments of quiet.

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Vegas casino online eSports has become online casino sports betting’s fastest-growing sector and expectations are that, even after the disruptions to the sports world caused by COVID-19 ends, it will continue its phenomenal path of growth. 

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Does the Biden administration plan to revise the Federal Wire Act so that online casinos can operate freely? A number of observers are predicting that the Biden administration will attempt to change the 60-year-old law so that the American judicial system will finally accept the legitimacy of online casino gambling.

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Throughout the world of gaming, new start-ups are giving both online casino gamers, video players, viewers, fans and followers a new vision of what video games can provide. Some of the start-ups bring communities together while others bring the world of the gaming screen into the real world. There are new types of subscription services, ways to level up your game and opportunities to connect with like-minded enthusiasts from around the world.

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Hackers have figured out that gamers are highly vulnerable to having their accounts and privacy compromised It’s not a simple task to keep yourself safe……hackers are creative and insidious. There a number of steps that a gamer can take to make sure that his/her welcome bonus casino user data, account information and financial info stays safe and secure.

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The pandemic isn’t over yet but Vegas retail and online casino venues are looking ahead as they consider how to rebuild and even expand the Vegas brand. A number of new casino sign up bonus projects were completed in 2020 and plans are moving ahead for more big projects in 2021. 

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