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Three men wearing team scarves excitedly watching their team win on their mobile phone

Within weeks of launching legalized online sports betting, New York has become the number one market for legalized sports betting in the United States. The new New York law legalizing sports betting took effect on January 9, 2022 and by the end of January it had overtaken neighboring New Jersey as America’s #1 Vegas online casino sports betting state.

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People involved in the world of esports may become frustrated with frequent comparisons with traditional sports but in one way, esports is a leading force for change – diversifying the gaming environment. Even today, even after decades of demands by female athletes to be accepted at the highest levels of competition, most sports are male dominated.

mobile phone with “Facebook Gaming” logo with a keyboard in the background

Facebook has introduced Cross Posting that allows gamers to maximize the reach of a game that they want to share. By cross-posting a video that has been shared to you from someone else’s page, the video will appear on your page as though it’s a native video, not one that’s come from a third party.

a drawing of a book with A-Z, a soccer ball and a dollar bill indicating sports betting terms

Sport Betting is legal in 33 states plus the District of Columbia in some form. Some states offer Vegas casino online and/or mobile sports betting while in other states, sports betting is limited to  retail gambling establishments. Still other states offer options for bettors to place wagers both at retail sites and online/mobile.

colleagues playing a game

Gamification involves the practice of adding game mechanics into non-gaming environments to encourage collaboration, sharing and interaction in order to achieve the business’s goals. Gamifying a business doesn’t necessarily involve creating a Grande Vegas Casino login or other online casino presence.

young female gamer streaming

Gaming influencers have been credited with drawing more viewers to the gaming world. As people searched for activities to do during pandemic lockdowns and social distancing mandates, playing Grande Vegas no deposit bonus code games and watching others play has become a popular source of entertainment. In the same way that sports fans enjoy watching their favorite athletes perform, gaming fans have found that tuning in to watch pro gamers play is a satisfying source of entertainment.

youngsters using VR equipment

Facebook recently announced that it is launching its version of a metaverse with the goal of creating a platform that functions as a holistic, virtual ecosystem in an immersive digital world. It’s less of an online casino or a social networking site and more of a virtual realm where you interact, experience new encounters and skills and step out of the real world into a digital universe.

a stack of books with a laptop leaning up against them

For just a few moments, we, your favorite Grande Vegas no deposit bonus code online casino, are going to look at the connection between games and learning.

For most of history, games were games and education was education. Today, 21st century edtech tools are bringing those worlds together as educators explore ways that the video games that kids love can enhance traditional learning paradigms.

mobile app icons

The Grande Vegas Casino promo codes casino has been following a recent Oakland District Court injunction that would have obligated Apple to give developers the chance to offer out-of-system links to Apple-run app users. That order has been put on hold for now but the company won’t be able to give its lawyers a vacation any time soon – the Apple-Epic trial that stirred up the hornet’s nest has led to multiple countries looking into examinations of whether Apple breaks their anti-trust laws.

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Gaming companies have been working on creating a Metaverse for years – a virtual reality world where you do everything that you would want to do in the real world while sitting in your own home. You can shop, go to work, play games, watch concerts, go to school, and participate in a community that is formed and inspired by those experiences.

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