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woman at a prescription drug counter

The US has now approved marketing of EndeavorRx as a game-based digital therapeutic device to improve attention function in children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). EndeavorRx marks a new era in the union of technology and medicine as its program targets the human brain's prefrontal cortex -- the site of cognitive functioning.

work from home concept

Web 3 and the Metaverse are changing the paradigm of the gaming industry with pay-to-earn games in which players collect cryptocurrencies or NFTs and then generate income through the sale of those NFTs or by earning cryptocurrency rewards. The rewards and the NFT values can, if desired, be exchanged for fiat cash.

gamer sitting in front of a big screen playing a game

Netflix Games is the new kid on the block in the world of subscription gaming services. Alongside Apple’s Apple Arcade, the Vegas online casino and Google’s Play Pass, Netflix offers subscribers the opportunity to download exclusive games and play on mobile without incurring additional fees, seeing ads or being lured by in-app purchases.

Facebook gaming logo

Facebook has announced that as of Oct 28 2022, it will close its stand-alone Gaming app and will no longer be offering gaming streaming as part of its Facebook Gaming. The closing will mark 2 ½ years of Facebook’s effort to overtake Twitch in featuring an app where gaming enthusiasts could watch their favorite streamers compete, connect and converse with the streamers and with other like-minded viewers and play instant Vegas casino online real money games without downloading separate apps.

diagram expressing NFTs

The gaming world has begun to explore the opportunities that incorporating NFTs into video and bitcoin online casino games offers to the industry.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. An NFT represents ownership interests in digital assets. NFTs are created on blockchain (by “minting”) and each is unique, as distinct from fungible assets such as a fiat currency, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. NFTs are typically composed of two components: the off-chain digital work/real-world asset to which that NFT identifies or attaches and the on-chain token.

person wearing AI headset touching a techy hologram

Artificial Intelligence has been central to the Vegas casino online and video gaming industry since the late ‘70s but today, the gaming industry is seeing exciting developments in the field of AI gaming.

silhouette of soldier saluting

For the last few years, the Pentagon has been warning that recruitment of new personnel, especially among Gen Z and younger millennials, has been dropping.

For a couple of years now, the Pentagon has raised a growing concern for the U.S. military: Recruitment levels are dropping pretty fast.

man wearing VR headset reaching for things he "sees" in the air

Video and online casino simulation games are allowing gamers to reach new levels of excitement and engagement. Simulation games provide fun activities that are educational and immersive. In recent years, simulation games have gained in popularity and now rival adventure games, role-playing games and shooters as best-sellers in the gaming world.

Massachusetts flag on a flag pole waving in the wind

Last month lawmakers in Massachusetts passed a sports betting bill and Governor Charlie Baker signed it into law. The law gives residents of the Bay State the opportunity to bet legally on both professional and college sports. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is now tasked with working out the details of how to implement on-site and sports betting in Massachusetts.  So let's put away our Grande Vegas no deposit bonus codes fun for a few minutes and get a catch-up.

a globe on a gaming type screen

A number of Grande Vegas online casino USA and video game sector member organizations are bringing the gaming industry into the environmental agenda in the belief that the gaming industry can help impact the push for dealing with climate change. Some of the most creative initiatives include:

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