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Gaming is a booming industry worldwide. PC gaming is estimated to have a $37.4 billion annual revenue while console gaming ranks at $51.2 billion. Today’s biggest casino sign up bonus gaming segment is mobile gaming which is seeing $86.3 billion in annual revenues.

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A Harvard-trained psychiatrist is connecting with gamers on the Twitch livestreaming Vegas casino platform in an effort to encourage people to become more aware of mental health issues and lessen the stigma of sharing mental health struggles.

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Birgitte Sand is the newly appointed head of Ontario’s iGaming model. The former head of the Danish Gambling Authority will be tasked with focusing on creating a competitive market place to promote online casino growth in the gaming industry and prioritizing consumer choice.

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Florida legislators are currently considering a proposal that would end jai-alai and live racing at most of the state’s retail and online casino gambling sites. Only the thoroughbred race tracks —Tampa Bay Downs and Gulfstream Park  — would continue to operate live racing in order to preserve the Florida-based tradition.

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If you’re considering starting a Vegas casino online gaming stream, there are many elements to consider. Is it worth your time and effort? What do you expect to get out of it? How should you get started? What streaming service should you choose? Some online casino gaming consultants say that the market is already saturated and that you shouldn’t put your efforts and resources into a stream. Others however, believe that the market is just starting to grow and that if you have something to offer, you can find your place within the streaming community.

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As traffic to Las Vegas sites picks up, retail and online casino operators are finding that customers expect more for their dollar - more welcome bonus casino fun and more freebies. Most of the returnees are 65 and over, which is to be expected based on the vaccination being made to over 65ers almost exclusively for the past few months.

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One of the first and most devastating disappointments in the no deposit bonus codes sports world occurred last year when March Madness, the annual month-long tournament that determines the top team of college basketball, was cancelled. This year, not only was basketball’s March Madness scheduled as usual but despite pandemic glitches (Duke had to withdraw because of a team outbreak), the events are expected to bring betting of up to 49 million online casino bettors.

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ShePlays is a Vegas casino fantasy football competition which is aimed at helping promote women's sports worldwide. ShePlays focuses on female athletes and women’s leagues while learning more about the evolution of women in sports. As with other online casino fantasy sports competitions, players are given a budget at the beginning of a season to spend on players in order to build the team. Then, participants earn fantasy points based on how those players perform in real life.

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Twitch is seeing significant competition from new streaming platforms including from Facebook Gaming and YouTube. Yet Twitch continues to lead the industry with more streamers, more viewers and more engagements than any other streaming competitor - if you're looking for a casino sign up bonus, check out Twitch. When Microsoft’s Mixer closed Facebook Gaming thought that they were going to acquire many of the former Mixer streamers but in the end, most ended up turning to Twitch.

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The biggest poker controversy of the century involved an unknown, low-stakes poker pro who was accused, and ultimately exonerated, of cheating his opponents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a live-streamed game using high-tech online casino methodologies. What people find the most fascinating is that someone could openly cheat during a live-streamed Twitch game.

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