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For much of history, organized gambling was not as easy as the online casino for New Zealand, or for NW, or for the US. It was the hobby of the wealthy. From chariot races in ancient Egypt to athletic competitions of ancient Greece, early keno games in the palaces of Chinese Emperors and gladiatorial combats held in front of the rulers of the Roman Empire, placing bets in an organized fashion was the realm of those who could afford such a luxury.

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Following a year in which Wynn Resorts struggled to overcome the disgrace of its founder and former CEO, a catfight over company stocks, a restructuring of its board, questions about its Macau property and a battle to keep its Massachusetts gaming license, the cliffhanging saga of the company’s future seems to be coming to an end.

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In multiple states, Native American tribes are emerging as key players in legislative debates over whether online casino sports betting will be adopted. The tribes are divided over the strategy, with some supporting legislation as long as it promises their operations a monopoly while others oppose the idea because, they believe, it will threaten their casinos and will threaten revenues that they need to fund essential services for their members. 

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From online casinos in New Zealand, to the burgeoning casino industry in the Far East, to the future of sports betting in the US, every day there is news as to the legalization and/or regulation of different forms of betting. 

Casino workers’ picket strike

Even though Nevada is a “right to work” state where unions have little legal influence, a union presence among Vegas casino workers is growing. Last year’s strike by members of the Culinary and Bartenders Union almost brought activity in the casino capital to a halt. By the strike’s end, the unions were able to negotiate a strong contract that went a long way to protect their members. logo

As settled and accepted as home-grown entertainment the online casino for New Zealand is, the sports betting world is continually pushing the envelope, and now....a new concept in sports betting appeared on the scene. has a new strategy that seems set to transform the industry.

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Sometimes there are news stories that make our own Grande Vegas Casino, THE online casino for New Zealand, seem tame.  Consider the next story:

It was only 15 months ago that Wynn Resorts founder, Board Director and CEO Steve Wynn resigned from the company after the company was forced to confront evidence that Wynn had sexually harassed female employees of the company. In the ensuing months, Wynn has had to fight to maintain its standing and its assets around the world. The chapter of Steve Wynn and his sexual misconduct is starting to see an end but the company will be tying up the loose ends for its holdings worldwide for a long time to come.

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The British Columbia provincial government’s crackdown on money laundering at area casinos is causing a big headache for the province’s gambling venues. The government’s is aiming to end the tradition of turning a blind eye to the casinos’ practice of accepting  millions of dollars in questionable cash. The practice allowed money launderers to get rid of massive amounts of dirty money but the clampdown is throwing the city’s casino gambling business into turmoil.  Happily, this does not effect our beloved online casino gaming - yet, another reason to prefer online casinos.

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The passage of sports betting legislation by individual states has gone faster than anyone could have predicted. The month of May marks one year since SCOTUS ruled that states could legislate in their own jurisdictions. Since that time, eight states have passed some form of sports betting authorization and over 2 dozen other states have begun the process of considering allowing online casino type of sports betting for their state residents. 

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Although we all love our Grande Vegas Casino for all casino type games, we've all got one eye on how sports betting will play out with the new US regulations or lack thereof.  Let's look at Lousiana today....

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