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Security man of a land-based casino

As scammers become more technologically-adept and sophisticated, Vegas casino venues invest massive funds and efforts to stay one step ahead of the cheats. Each game has its own soft spot but the most frequently targeted game is the slot machine. Slots are viewed as an easy mark and that’s where casinos focus most of their security efforts but casino security must cover the entire casino venue. 

Wynn Casino

Nobody could have predicted the long-lasting repercussions of last year’s reports that former Wynn Resorts owner and CEO Steve Wynn had sexually molested casino employees.

the front of a bank

It’s very difficult to live in the 21st century without having an account with some sort of money transfer service. Any type of online purchase, from online shopping to Vegas casino online casino gambling, requires that you be able to move funds. Regardless of whether you’re opening your own online store or you plan to make online purchases of goods and services you’ll need an account with an online payment service. 

Baseball game

The NFL, NHL, and NBA have already begun to create partnerships with betting operators with the signing of additional such partnerships expected in the near future. The leagues, which originally opposed the idea of sports betting, are coming around and are taking the point of view that, if online casino sports betting is going to take place, the leagues, teams, and players might as well get their share of the action.

the interior of a land based casino

While we continue to enjoy our Grande Vegas online casino from wherever and whenever, there are some interesting goings on in the state of Nebraska.  The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska opened the new Prairie Flower Casino in Carter Lake Iowa this winter. Before the fight with city and state governments is over the tribe’s right to operate that casino, and any other new casino venue might well end up in Federal Court. 

Ryan Zinke

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s decision to deny two Indian tribes authorization to open either a commercial casino or an online casino in Connecticut has led to a federal investigation based on allegations that Zinke lied to the investigators over whether he favored the tribes’ competitor, MGM Resorts. Prosecutors have begun to present evidence to a Washington grand jury which is probing the matter.  

a lot of land-based casinos together

The Innovation Group’s Michael Vanaskie recently wrote an article in which he examined how the Vegas casino cluster effect can spur tourism and online casino gaming revenue. He noted that this is the case in locales such as Manila and Macau and considered how other jurisdictions could emulate that success.

bettors watching a sporting event at a land-based casino

Legalized online casino sports gambling will change how fans experience live sports.  That’s the opinion of almost everyone involved in the sports world today though no one is yet sure how that might happen. Players, league owners, and others think that, in a short period of time, sports aficionados will start viewing sports betting as just one more type of casino-style gambling.

Wynn casino logo with a big gavel coming down on it

The Nevada Gaming Commission slapped Wynn Resorts with a $20 million fine for their failure to investigate claims that founder, former board chairman, and former CEO Steve Wynn had sexually harassed at least eight women. The eight women were employees of Wynn Resorts and said that they were harassed during work time in their workspace.

map of Japan

The race to get in on Japan’s new casino industry is heating up as operators from around the world woo local officials and government lawmakers in their bids to get a  piece of the pie.  Many observers question whether these outsiders fully understand the Japanese infrastructure which they should know in order to do business properly in the country.

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