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a judge's gavel about to hit a pile of casino chips

The American Gaming Association has released a report that indicates that the war against illegal sports betting may finally be over. The AGA surveyed individuals across a wide spectrum of American society and found that, if given the opportunity to engage in Vegas casino legal sports betting, 38% would be willing to use a regulated platform exclusively and 71% would use a regulated platform at least part of the time.

a baccarat table

Baccarat is generally regarded as the number one casino game in the world. Baccarat has been a staple of the Grande Vegas Casino and for many years. Since the waning years of the 20th century, the popularity of all variations of baccarat has skyrocketed, particularly in Asia and in America. In 2014 almost 91% of Macau casinos’ total income came from Punto Banco, the most popular variant of the baccarat game.

a map of New Jersey

Bet.Works will be launching a New Jersey sports betting app in the coming weeks. The Bet.Works app will be operated by the online casino sports media company theScore.

Marc Brody was named as Senior Vice President of Business Development for Bet.Works. He will be responsible for overseeing company business development as he defines opportunities for the company’s growth across the US. 

the Philippine flag with some casino chips on it

PH Resorts, a Philippine-listed firm, has received approval from the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to move forward on plans to fund several casino-related projects. PH Resorts, owned by businessman Dennis Uy, was formerly known as Philippine H2O Ventures Corp. They plan to sell 1.786 billion common shares using  the China Banking Corp. as the domestic lead underwriter for the offering. 

a map of the United States with a big dollar sign on it

Following the introduction of sports betting in New Jersey, the state's reported $1 billion increase in gaming revenues is prompting other legislatures to look into the possibilities of bringing sports betting to their own states. 

a map of New York with sports equipment

New York Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is planning to go ahead with a new bill that would authorize retail sports betting at New York racetracks. The bill also provides for the introduction of online casino mobile sports betting.

a smiley face super-imposed on a Vegas casino building

Vegas casino operators were pleased with the November 2018 stats which, like the October numbers, show cause for hope. Many of the most important indicators are up and analysts are cautiously optimistic that the summer 2018 slowdown is just a bad memory.

a big outdoor parking lot with a dollar sign superimposed on it

Wynn Resorts is the first of the big Vegas casino giants to back off from charging customers for parking. Instituting parking fees for casino customers in 2016 created a storm of controversy with long-time clients who promised to go elsewhere as they protested what they saw as the removal of an amenity to which they felt entitled.

a sports book lying on the table on a US flag

The introduction of sports betting to the United States has set off a frenzy of sportsbook operations. Sportsbooks operate at existing casinos (like Grande Vegas online casino) and racetracks while others offer online betting in states where such wagers are legal.

Wynn resorts and the logo of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Last week a Nevada District Court judge in Clark County reaffirmed an earlier ruling that effectively blocks Massachusetts from holding a suitability hearing on whether Wynn Resorts’ can proceed with its Vegas casino Boston Encore project.

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