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The Virginia state flag and casino chips

Pamunkey Tribal leaders are preparing to bring a Grande Vegas Casino to Virginia which they will operate as a luxury casino resort. The plans call for a 1,200 room hotel with a pool and restaurants and a large gaming floor with table games and slot machines.

four dice with 2-0-1-8 on them

Betting has always been controversial, from the days when pre-historic cave-dwellers competed over simple competitions of stone throws to today’s intricacies of playing online at the Grand Vegas online casino. The year 2018 saw some exciting advances in the gambling industry but there were some controversies as well.

What's New in Pennsylvania Casino News?

Gambling in Pennsylvania has been legal for less than a decade but state residents have become avid gamers, placing second only to Nevada in generating commercial casino revenues.  Now the Pennsylvania House has legislated online gambling at the Grande Vegas Casino and other online venues just as sports betting is starting to go live in the state.

Which states to watch re: sports betting

In May 2018 SCOTUS ruled that state legislatures could legislate their own sports betting laws. Some states have already begun to allow online casinos, like the Grande Vegas Casino, and other land-based casinos to include sportsbooks in their line-up of betting options. Others are considering if, when and how to introduce sports betting, under what conditions and whether to include online sports betting in the itinerary of options.  

The US Capitol Building with sports symbols spinning around it

Until May 2018 sports betting, both live and at the online casino, was illegal in most of the United States, based on PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act that Congress had passed in 1992. PASPA restricted betting on sporting events in the United States to only 4 states – sports lotteries in Oregon, Delaware and Montana and the sports pools in Nevada – which had sports betting activities in place before the Amendment was passed.

Plans begin for Japan's 3 regulated Integrated Resorts

Japan has approved the establishment of 3 integrated resorts in the country but passing the law to allow the establishment of the resorts is only the first step. Now the governing commission must select which Prefecture or city will receive the Integrated Casino Resorts.  And with this big step, can we expect to see a regulated online casino NZ far behind? 

a picture of a large cruise ship with the Grande Vegas casino logo on the side

There are many different types of cruises including family cruises, seniors’ cruises, holiday cruises, sight-seeing cruises, adventure cruises, singles’ cruises, couples’ cruises and more. In each case, the traveler decides on the type of cruise that fits his or her individual interests and expectations.

A laptop and a mobile phone each with a Fantasy Football app on the screen
2018's best Fantasy Football apps

Fantasy sports is America’s newest and fastest-growing sports activity. 21% of adults in America play fantasy sports including single-player challenge games and team competitions. Average annual spending of a fantasy sports participant is over $650 which makes fantasy sports a possible, lucrative investment for online casinos like the Grande Vegas Casino and other sports gambling sites.

NJ sports betting serves as an example to other states

Proponents of sports betting always knew that there was great potential in the American market but no one dreamed that it would reach the heights that it has in such a short time. New Jersey, where sports betting has only been operating for half a year, is seeing hundreds of millions in revenues every month. Sports betting is now available in New Jersey in multiple online casinos, live casino, race track and other betting venues. Observers are astounded at the enthusiasm that the activity is generating.

Atlantic City Casinos Consider How to Move Into the Future

The Third Quarter numbers from NJ casinos were strong, overall, but the increases were not due to anything happening in Atlantic City. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) released figures that showed that Atlantic City’s casinos, including their online casinos like the Grande Vegas online casino, generated a net revenue of $920 million for July, August and September 2018.  That’s a 17.8% increase over the same period last year. Sounds good, right?

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