Long Beach MS gets its first casino

A development company owned by James Parrish has announced that it is partnering with Kentucky-based Encompass Develop, Design & Construct to open a casino along the waterfront in Long Beach Mississippi. The plans call for the casino to be built at the site of the old Sav-a-Center grocery store and Kmart with a wide variety of table games, slots and other online Vegas games. 

The 12 acre site is located on a beachfront property on Hwy 90 at 241 East Beach Blvd. As soon as the Mississippi Gaming Commission meets in July the partners expect to receive approval to build what will be Long Beach's first casino. 

Artificial Intelligence out-plays the pros in poker

Artificial intelligence is being used to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, ranging from controlling environmental damages to enhancing the study of computer science, medicine and human resources. It's also used to spur on the development of finance, education, music, customer service, transportation, telecommunications, aviation and health care administration.

In a recent whimsical, yet fascinating application of Artificial Intelligence, Grande Vegas casino players and other poker enthusiasts had an opportunity to observe AI compete in a poker battle with some of the world's best poker champions to test the limits of this mix of technologies.

3 Intriguing Las Vegas Trends

When people have more pay, they play. That's an old observation about the state of the economy that's as true today as when it was first spoken. Probably the most effective observation point for the American economy is Las Vegas where people take their leisure funds to spend on relaxing accommodations, sightseeing excursions, Vegas casino gambling action and theatre entertainment. 

Observers watch the Las Vegas scene closely to get a sense of the state of the American economy. Some recent observations are discussed here.

DraftKings applies for sports betting license in New Jersey

DraftKings Inc. announced that it has submitted a formal application for a state license to offer Vegas online type sports betting in New Jersey. New Jersey has been accepting applications to offer sports betting since February, based on NJ state law. DraftKings Inc., however, waited until May when the Supreme Court ruled that a federal law that disallowed sports betting was illegal and that states could legalize the activity.

DraftKings applied for a Casino Service Industry Enterprise License and the application is now being processed. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) will decide on licensure which is expected to come through quickly. The filing makes DraftKings one step closer to securing a role as a leader in America's sports betting market.

Tribal Casinos and Tax Obligations

The relationship between the federal government and tribal casinos has always been filled with tension. The sides often turn to the courts to help navigate the rights and responsibilities of the feds and online Vegas games that are operated by Native American tribes at their casinos.

Over the last 4 decades casino gambling has become an interregnal component of many tribal economies. It often falls to the courts to decide how much autonomy the tribal economy has as they develop  casino entertainment.

Vegas strike averted

The Vegas online news reports that two of the city's biggest casinos, Caesars and MGM, have reached a deal with the Culinary Union which will avert a threatened strike and allow the casinos to continue to function. The tentative labor agreements mean that the union can now turn its attention to its negotiations with the smaller casinos which, thanks to the precedent set by MGM and Caesars, are expected to fall into line.

This week the Culinary Union said that it will be focusing on properties that are located downtown and on the Las Vegas Strip. If there isn't any progress in the negotiations with these properties -- which include the Tropicana, Treasure Island, the D, Downtown Grand and the Golden Nugget – the workers could walk out at any time.  

Best summer poker tournaments

Playing in a poker tournament gives you the chance to compete against the best players from around the world. There are tournaments at land-based casinos, at online casinos - like our very own, Grande Vegas Casino - that involve almost every type of poker from high stakes games of traditional Stud Poker and Draw Poker to games of Texas Hold 'Em Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud Poker, Triple Draw Poker and more.

It's not hard to find games in which you're thrust into competition with amateur players but if you want to find the best games running this summer, check out some of the world's top poker tournament action.

Caesars expands to 4 new destinations world-wide

Caesars Entertainment, the successful corporation which has brought Vegas games to casinos around the world, is expanding in new directions. The Las Vegas-based company has decided to focus on non-gaming vacation tourism that brings vacationers to their hotel resorts in different locations through four of their brings.

The brands, including the Cromwell, the Flamingo, the LINQ and Caesars Palace will be brought to locations that tourists frequent.

Marco Roca, former executive of Hard Rock International, has been hired by Caesars. Roca has the go-ahead to begin negotiating immediately to secure international deals. Some of the possible locales for development include Dubai , Hong Kong and Mexico. Other US and international locations may also be added to the development plan in the future.

Sports Betting comes to Delaware

Delaware is set to begin allowing full-scale sports betting throughout the state, starting in mid-June. Last month's U.S Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for States to implement sports-based Vegas games and other types of sports wagering schemes.

Delaware has three casinos which will all introduce sports betting, starting next week. They will feature betting opportunities on professional baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, golf and auto racing for regular season games and championship games.

Las Vegas strike update

In a sign of the times, the Culinary Union, one of the most powerful collective bargaining powers in Las Vegas, is bringing issues of sexual harassment to public attention as it heads into a strike scenario that will involve close to 50,000 casino workers in Las Vegas.

The union released survey results that show that workers are angry over safety concerns and widespread sexual harassment that continues to plague the no deposit and real money gambling casino culture of Las Vegas.

The union surveyed over 10,000 Vegas casino workers. The respondents, which included 27 percent of hotel housekeepers and 59 percent of cocktail servers, said they had been sexually harassed by managers, guests and others while on the job. The results have caused the union to add a call for stronger safety protections to their list of demands in the union's upcoming contract with casino owners. The old contract expired on May 31st and although no strike has been declared, the lack of a contract means that the strike could begin at any time.  

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