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Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy Moves Forward

Fantasy sport games have been a popular activity among sports fans since the 1960s. Fantasy sports involves competitions in which players build teams of professional athletes and then earn points based on the actual players' real world successes. There are more fantasy sports options today in more states than ever before. 

Wynn Resorts Update

Wynn Resorts board members couldn't have been sleeping well these past months. First came the revelations about former CEO and founder Steve Wynn's sexual improprieties with female staff members. Then, just as the company was recovering from Wynn's exit, Wynn's ex-wife actively moved to oust board members who had been loyal to her ex-husband and bring some of her own board members to the board.

Now the land-based and online Vegas games company is back in the saddle, moving ahead slowly with new investments and developments around the world.   

Sports and Online Betting Launches in the United States

Only a few months after the Supreme Court's ruling that gave the go-ahead to legalize sports and online betting, multiple wagering options are being opened up to bettors in locations around the United States

Vegas Legend Dies

Richard Jarecki, a Vegas casino legend who caused mayham in casinos throughout the world, died this week. Jarecki is remembered in Vegas and along the French Riviera for figuring out how to predict the results of a roulette wheel's spin which earned him millions in casino wins and put the casino industry in a tailspin

Australia Casino News

If Vegas online Australian casinos were worried about the impact that the growth of other casino empires in the Far East might have on their country's gambling industry, they needn't have worried. Despite high growth in Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines and other Eastern locales, Australia's casino industry is thriving.

Some of the latest updates:

Japanese Casinos Move Forward

Plans for Japanese casinos are moving forward though stumbling blocks still remain. Galaxy, a Vegas online operator which is hoping to get in on the ground floor of the Japanese casino industry, is launching a program to teach Japanese hosts about running Integrated Resorts while MGM is advancing its own plans to build in Osaka.

US Online Casino Gambling

An Auburn, Washington casino is taking an innovative approach to increasing its customer base and bringing Vegas casino action to the client. The Muckleshoot Casino is launching a new app in conjunction with Playport Gaming Systems that will allow gamblers to place bets and purchase real money games from anywhere at the casino. 

The games will include Bingo and other games that aren’t played against the house. This marks the first app that requires a gambler to be present at the casino to deposit or to cash out of an online game. In  similar operations in Mexico Playport makes such games available directly from the Playport point-of-sale.

Gaming Industry and Blockchain

The worlds of cryptocurrencies and Grande Vegas online gaming  are increasingly working in tandem with each side fulfilling many needs of the other. 

Growing Vegas Infrastructure Points to Market Optimism

Worries about the impact that online gaming might have on the Vegas casinos seem to be unfounded. Even as playing online Vegas games online grows, profits at the Vegas brick-and-mortar casinos is skyrocketing, leading industry insiders to predict that the economy can look forward to new developments and investments in Vegas entertainment.

Upcoming NFL season spurs applications for NJ sports betting licenses

Less than two months after the Supreme Court ruled that states could legalize sports betting, New Jersey – the state that challenged Congress's ability to limit that option – is racing ahead. New Jersey already had the legislation in place before SCOTUS's May 14th ruling and almost immediately casinos started to submit their applications to operate sports betting online Vegas games in their venues.

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